Want to know insider secrets about being a designer? Here are five great things I know about gift baskets.

A dream lifestyle

It’s thrilling to watch students at my in-person gift basket classes come through the door. Their eyes shine, and the smile on each student’s face tells me they’re ready to hear everything I’ll share about making and selling gift baskets.

Surprisingly, no one is tired. Each of them has worked a full day at a job, but they’re excited and full of questions to know all about this wonderful bundle of gifts.

You may not be with me at an in-person gift basket class (you can join me in the online class!). However, let me share with you what I share with students during the 90-minute event.

Five great things I know about gift baskets

Scale your love for gift baskets as small or as big as you please

When I began making gift baskets, I knew that I would own a big business, one that would sell to individuals and corporations, be seen on television, and get lots of publicity in newspapers and magazines. Over time it all came true along with lots of other surprises.

I had to start small. I was working at a well-known financial firm. My decision to map out my business while working for someone else was smart for me.

As I got closer to opening my business, I left the full-time job and started working for a temporary agency. That gave me the flexibility to work for money while starting my business.

You may be doing the same thing right now, or perhaps you like your job and want to make gift baskets part time. You can do that. Deciding whether you will stay small or grow big is in your hands.

Find products anywhere depending on how much you want to earn

Buying products from wholesalers keeps your costs down and revenue high, right? That’s true, but you can find low-cost products in places outside of wholesalers.

I walked into a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store one winter evening to find soup and stew mixes packaged attractively in clear bags and tied at the top with brown string. It was perfect for the season and other occasions (Christmas, housewarming, birthday, get well, etc.).

Each package was 99 cents. That was a superb buy, one that wasn’t offered by wholesalers, and one that excluded shipping charges (except for my travel by car to and from the store).

I purchased the entire pallet of products, and I received an extra discount for buying everything. Sometimes you can find a great buy wherever you travel.

Sell just to individuals or also sell to corporations – they both buy

You may be comfortable selling gift baskets to individuals first because one person doesn’t make you nervous.

That’s a great way to begin. However, remember that individuals work at corporations. Individual customers can lead you to corporate sales because of your connection to that one person. You won’t have to make cold calls or send letters to people you don’t know (those letters go directly into the garbage).

If you want to make more money with gift baskets, you’ll allow individual sales to lead you to corporate sales.

Get design and product ideas from places that sell gift baskets

You’ll find gift baskets in many stores and think that every location is your competitor. That’s not true, and the reason is explained in the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business.

Still, you can find wonderful ideas from many of the designs.

You don’t need pictures to remind you of the products or techniques. When something is truly unique, you will remember it.

You can walk outside of the store and make notes about the style on a phone app or with paper and pen that you carry with you.

I once watched a talented designer create a bow so beautifully that I still remember it today and add it to my own designs.

Be very successful if you really want to quit a job and create a lifestyle

Because of gift baskets, I’m fortunate to wake up each morning and design my day.

One day I work diligently with clients who make $10,000 or more each month selling gift baskets to their expanding list of customers.

Another day, I’m out of the office enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner with executives, colleagues, or business advisors.

The days I truly enjoy are the ones spent with my Yorkshire Terriers, Mae and Pepi, as we travel to dog parks, pet luncheons, and random events.

I can do what I want whenever I want because gift baskets are my profession. If that’s the lifestyle you want to enjoy, you’re in the right place, and the mentor program is one to consider so you enjoy life 24/7.

That’s the five great things I know about gift baskets. If you make gift baskets now, what can you point to as your monumental achievement? What do you hope to achieve if you’re just entering this great industry?