Your website begins as a blank canvas, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Which are the five must haves on your gift basket website that turn browsers into buyers? Find out.

First impression

What, on any website you visit for the first time, gives you trust about the individual or business behind the site? Is it the:

  • Updated home page?
  • Welcome message?
  • Overall appearance?
  • Https lock?

That same trust is what your site requires. You want visitors to become customers, and that change is part of your marketing strategy. I’m betting that you can easily incorporate these five steps if not already available.

Five must haves on your gift basket website

  1. About us page

Visitors like to read your back story, the reason why gift baskets are what you enjoy creating. You don’t have to tell your life story; just one paragraph is adequate to uncover your beginning.

  1. Videos

Sharing details in video format about specific gift baskets enlivens your site. It’s a wonderful complement to written content that compels visitors to buy.

  1. Testimonials

What are customers saying about the designs they purchase, your swift delivery, or the response from happy family members? Add these comments throughout your site after getting approval from buyers.

  1. Email collection form

You’ll want to contact visitors and buyers about holiday and everyday gifts and baskets offered on your site. That process requires a method to collect email addresses.

  1. Contact form

Visitors will have questions about your gift baskets and certain procedures before ordering. This is especially true when corporations want dozens of gifts made for events. Make sure there’s a way for them to contact you.

Four more to consider

The Gift Basket Business podcast episode, 9 Elements to Add on Your Website, shares four additional areas to consider. It also expands on the topics you read above.

Which of these five must haves on your gift basket website will you include first? Which ones are already available but need updating?