Is it time to increase your orders or at least start letting more people know about what you offer? These five updates to market gift baskets get you going.

Target what works best

Are you undecided right now wondering which marketing avenues are open? Thankfully, there are plenty, but it’s still important to choose the primary ones that reach your customers and audience at large (followers, site visitors, etc.).

If you’ve been tracking where and how sales occur, which is part of basic marketing, you can easily pinpoint the methods that work without a hitch. Social media may be at the top of your list. Perhaps your weekly newsletter brings in the lion’s share of sales, or maybe personal phone calls to stay in touch with top clients delivers the most orders. Hopefully, you have a way to determine results. If not, it’s time to start documenting the details so you know where to focus your efforts.

Consistency is necessary

It’s important to be very clear about how you market and how to be consistent in whichever methods you choose. I’ll be very open and state that sometimes I neglect marketing for one or two days at most due to other tasks. I always regret it, knowing that marketing must be accomplished every day without fail. The process does not take long? It’s similar to taking vitamins. The nutrients keep you healthy. Marketing is a business vitamin that nourishes your income, so let’s both get it together and promise ourselves to complete this task every day.

Here are five updates to market gift baskets you can accomplish.

1. Gifts are needed now more than before.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new births, renewed corporate accounts, retirements – the list goes on highlighting events that will continue occurring within families and businesses. Don’t for a moment think that a crisis stops these celebrations. Your mission is to market your gift baskets as if it’s the only option to celebrate or honor life’s achievements.

2. More service with less contact.

Create a delivery plan that protects you, staff, and everyone who receives your gifts. This includes details on your website, blog, invoices, and marketing materials outlining how deliveries are handled whether by local courier or long-range shipper. If by hand wear shirts, hats, or pins identifying your brand so recipients know the delivery is safe, and also learn the process for delivering gifts at corporations.

Final three you can achieve

3. Ask wholesale suppliers what they’re hearing.

Why waste time figuring out marketing systems when your suppliers may have insights into how their other customers are pursuing marketing? Suppliers learn much from their customers so they (suppliers) can be of service to their buyers, including you. Ask suppliers what they’re hearing to put practices that resonate with you in place. There’s no reason to invent a new wheel when education is as close as asking a question.

4. More reminders by mail.

Sending updates by mail about your gift baskets is not a new concept. This avenue has always been available, but perhaps you haven’t tried this format because you think it’s not effective or too costly. Let me remind you that your target market reads/browses their mail but might not read your email due to time constraints or nondelivery (spam folder). In addition, realize that your internet access is not free. You pay a communications company for monthly access, so there is a cost attached to sending email that may never be found in the inbox.

5. Pick an industry specialty.

You have the talent to create gift baskets for every occasion. When you specialize in a certain type of gift basket for a particular industry and market that expertise, that’s when your income will change for the better. You might target birthing centers, accountants, construction, or real estate as examples. Which firms have purchased more often according to your records? Which industries do you want to work with most? Be selective, and market to that group.

Which is the first update for you?

You may not try all of these options at once, but at least one is at the top of your list. The bottom line to market gift baskets is knowing that the world, or at least your local area, depends on you to save them time, put smiles on family and friend’s faces, and help companies thrive during every economy and crisis. Market your beautiful gifts to satisfy their needs.