Is there just one way to get sales when you make gift baskets? Thankfully, the answer is no. Here are five ways you can print money for your business, the legal way.

The big question

In my college business management class, the professor asked a question to start the session:

“Why do you work?”

Each of us students looked around sheepishly. If you’ve attended any educational class, you know what I mean.

You think you know the answer but don’t want to say it so you don’t feel dumb.

The professor looked at us for 10 seconds and then blurted the answer.

“You work to make money!”

Of course! That’s what went through my mind and certainly through the minds of fellow students.

Gift Basket Marketing, Vol. 1, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

One reason for starting a business

When you hear questions like that, you automatically think the answer is something big and great when it’s really basic.

You work for money.

The same is true about operating your gift basket business.

Sure, your business is valuable, bringing people and businesses together for a variety of reasons specific to each gift-giving situation.

But the primary reason for business is to make money. The first step in this equation is to have enough funds to make and sell gift baskets, which is covered in this definitive article on money.

You need to print money every week, at a minimum (every day is better), so you can pay your bills and save for retirement. You do other things with the money, but that insight is for another article.

Five choices, and there’s more

You don’t print money the way counterfeiters do; you make it appear by earning it through marketing of all types:

  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Exhibiting

These and other options establish your internal printing press. Without marketing you have no funds, and without funds you have no business. You cannot buy inventory or even business cards.

Your gift basket printer must be on at all times, even when you sleep.

Where to find more options

Many of my Start Your Own Gift Basket Business online course students decide to start their printing presses by marketing to friends and family.

That’s always a good foundation. However, I encourage them to consider a wider market because friends and family are a comfort zone, and that makes them a narrow niche.

You want a bigger territory, one that lets you print money daily through the five choices I share above and many more that I explain in the course.

What I truly love is when a student provides me with specific information about their region and who they believe will buy.

I’m able to go online and look at the region, and then I provide details so the student can cast a super-wide net to capture more sales than she imagines.

You know what the results are from that, right? More money to print!

When you enroll in the online gift basket course, I welcome you with virtually-open arms. Then, I encourage you to share everything about your business plans and expectations.

How will you let me help you to uncover more than five ways to print money each and every day?