What’s the process to take outstanding photographs that make prospects become buyers? Start by following these four steps to great gift basket pictures.

Focus your mission

How do professional designers create such beautiful gift basket pictures where there’s nothing distracting in the background?

The answer develops within your marketing plan. From there, the problem is quickly solved once you know the four steps to great gift basket pictures.


Start by choosing a place in your gift basket studio or another location with empty wall space. You don’t want anything distracting people from seeing your gift basket masterpiece.

If the wall itself is a color that’s too bold as a backdrop, cover it with a white or cream-colored fabric purchased at any fabric store. Another option is to buy a large, light-colored canvas material from an art store.

In either case, the fabric or material is to be draped in the background directly on the wall or hang from hooks within the ceiling. You want your background material to be smooth so folds don’t appear. Steaming the fabric is also an option.


Lighting is a huge factor in taking great pictures. Pedestal lights that face either side of the gift basket produces bright and attractive photographs. You can purchase pedestal lights at most home improvement stores.

Tutorials on how to light a photographic space are available on YouTube. Hear what experts share so you know what to buy and how to set up the area.


A good option today for photography is either with a digital camera or your smart phone.

A digital camera can be any model, and the pixels do not have to be the latest. For example, a 10 mega pixel camera will do well even if an 20 mega pixel camera is top of the line. Visit an electronics store to see and test different camera models, and also review what buyers are saying online about the camera you consider buying.

Smart phone cameras are also acceptable for photographs. You’ll need a floor model or tabletop tripod for stability and a mount that grips the smart phone so it easily screws into the tripod.


Invest in a tripod to hold your camera still as pictures are taken. As much as you try to hold your camera without shaking, the act of breathing will always cause movement. Such movement creates unclear photos versus the sharp appearance you get from placing the camera on a tripod.

Photos in The Gift Basket Design Book feature gift baskets with clear backgrounds taken by a smart phone camera on a tripod. You can do this, too, for pictures on your website and social media pages.

These are your four steps to great gift basket pictures. Pedestal props, picture-enhancing software, and photography stations, are additional options.