Do your photographs encourage web site visitors to order? Take a good look, and then decide how to get picture perfect sales for your gift baskets.

A clear lesson

The videographer who recorded my gift basket design DVDs, Gift Basket Basics and 10 Dazzling Designs, both part of the popular Gift Basket Beginner Package, is great a cameraman. However, he knows nothing about display photography.

I realize that now when looking at some of the photographs he encouraged me to take after recording the two videos.

These photos are so embarrassing at this point in my career that I refuse to show them to you.

The problem is so glaring that my Yorkie twins, Mae and Pepi, bark with laughter when they see the pictures.

Let me give you a visual. The fabric surrounding the gift basket is pretty, but it’s a poor choice as a backdrop.

The waterfall colors within the fabric distract the gift basket’s beauty. You can’t tell where the backdrop starts and where the design begins. The photo would produce zero sales if posted a website. That’s a huge no-no as part of your basic marketing plan.

The videographer meant no harm. He didn’t know, and at the time neither did I.

Now all of my gift basket photographs, or at least most, have a white or off-white background, and I encourage you to consider something similar.

You want your gift baskets to shine, to take the spotlight, to be the showcase so customers say yes when seeing what you create for them.

Supplies to get picture perfect sales for your gift baskets

Here’s a list of equipment I currently use for photographs. I don’t use everything at one time but keep all of it handy for locations inside and outside of my studio.

  • iPhone
  • Panasonic Lumix camera
  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter
  • Floor tripod
  • Two floodlight lamps
  • Long desk
  • Backdrop stand
  • White backdrop cloth

I’d like my photographic space to be available at all times, but I also use the space for other projects. That means I set up for pictures and then dismantle the space when it’s done.

That may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. Like making gift baskets, it’s a matter of keeping your equipment in one place so you can grab it, set it up, use it, and then put it away until the next photo shoot.

This space issue is also true for gift basket designers I coach each month. We’ve been using Zoom or Skype so I can look at their studio when I can’t be at their office in person.

Since it’s important to get the right equipment for flawless photographs, perhaps I can assist you, too, so your photos appear as professional as possible. Set up an appointment here so we can talk about website photography and your business goals!

Photography tips

When you take photos of gift baskets for your website, you need a clean background. No:

  • Chairs or tables in sight
  • Windows in the background
  • Signs of your work surfaces
  • People in reflective mirrors
  • Distractions whatsoever

One picture won’t do. Take at least five at different angles. When done, look at the photos and see which angle displays your design best.

If you only take one photo, you won’t be satisfied with what you see. There’s always a flaw somewhere. The backdrop isn’t draped quite right, or one of the products has shifted. You never see it until viewing the photo, so one isn’t enough.

Keep working on your portfolio, or get an expert to help. Best of all, you’ll know when your photographs are great. Calls and sales will occur!

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