Do you wonder what gift basket designers do all day? Here’s what a gift basket day looks like.

Bird’s eye view

People rarely question what you do all day when you work at a corporate job.

That’s because you do what people consider as normal.

Paperwork. Phone calls. Chit chat with co-workers. Lunch. A meeting. More chit chat. Then you go home.

That model changes when you’re a gift basket designer, and that’s when the questions get interesting.

What do you do all day?” is what one person asked me a few years after I started my gift basket business.

You know what? I had to think about my answer. Starting my business according to the main how to start article seems easy next to tracking my daily movements. There was a definite flow to my work style that was different than when I worked for someone else.

What do I do?

A task breakdown

You may be asking that same question if you don’t yet make gift baskets full time, or perhaps this question makes you think about your own work style if you are in the business.

My designer clients maximize their time from the moment they awake until they close the office door at day’s end.

Together, we document their objectives according to yearly goals. That strategy defines what’s you accomplish.

Here’s what a typical gift basket designer’s day includes (general habits are here, but not everything).

  • Enter the office and check the telephone for messages
  • Follow up customers’ online comments and questions
  • Review and make orders for local and worldwide delivery
  • Call prospects who expressed interest in ordering
  • Experiment with new gift basket designs
  • Check inventory for product availability
  • Change website pages as needed

Behind the curtain

Gift Basket Marketing, Vol. 1, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.There’s a healthy dose of marketing and administrative work done each day that results in sales even if your day doesn’t mirror the above list.

That’s a huge part of this business no one sees but is vital for success.

People on the outside think that orders magically appear. Let’s set the record straight. There is no fairy dust that gets sprinkled on the telephone to make it ring.

You work every day to get orders and receive payments from individuals and corporations that need gift baskets for every imaginable occasion.

How do you make sure your day is all about business?

  • Plan your activities
  • Promote through marketing
  • Know your region
  • Pursue education
  • Track competitors

Questions that deserve answers

Now that you know what a gift basket day looks like, what about the day surprises you?

When another entrepreneur shows interest in the business of gift baskets and asks what you do all day, what’s your response?