Finding name brand products for gift baskets may not be as difficult as it was in the past. Here’s what I found in a place that confirms this great news for baby gift baskets, and you’ll agree that change is good.

Traveling to new and interesting places

Mom and I are dollar store shoppers, and I’m betting you are, too. Most times we visit the popular store in our area. However, while en route to one location about 40 minutes away, I saw another dollar store chain that I’d never seen before. Wondering what could be different at that location, I vowed to take mom there the next week, and off we went on a Friday.

We barely entered the store when mom stopped in the entryway to check tank tops, perfect for wearing on weekends or relaxing at home. She selected two, and we began our investigations down the first aisle.

Our eyes gleaned over hair accessories and swimming trunks before arriving in the baby section. Featured on the wall, from top to bottom, was a vast assortment of Disney brand baby goods. Bibs, socks, washcloths, and much more for just one dollar waited for customers to buy it all up. I had to take pictures of the entire wall, part of which you see in this article.

Grab great buys wherever you find it

There was a time when you couldn’t buy this merchandise outside of purchasing it directly from Disney. This was certainly true (and still is in general terms) when I wrote Gift Basket Products, So Easy to Find. However, as seasons change and new designs are created for branded Disney stores, the people in charge at Disney and other well-known retailers make distribution decisions that can benefit your business. This is one of those decisions.

In past articles I strongly encourage you to purchase gift basket goods through reputable wholesalers and suppliers. I won’t waver from that suggestion. Such firms carry products that aren’t on every retail shelf, products that ooze a bit of exclusivity to the customer and ultimate recipient. However, Disney has a cache that warms just about every new parents’ heart.

You and I inherently know that Disney goods are worth more than a dollar, and to find this attractive merchandise in a dollar store is a golden ticket for your budget and sales.

Take advantage of this great news for baby gift baskets

I’m betting that my area isn’t the only location that sells Disney merchandise in a dollar store. When shopping at your favorite discounter, be sure to see what’s available that may be in the branded product category.

I don’t expect to see merchandise from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works in a dollar store. However, I didn’t think I’d see Disney items. Who knows what you’ll find?

If and when you uncover quality merchandise, be sure to enhance the goods within exceptional designs your customers will buy, appreciate, and refer to others.

What products have you found lately in a discount store that have been a welcome surprise?

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