Does the thought of selling gift baskets overwhelm you? There’s a cure for that. Here’s how to make gift basket marketing easy so you get orders.

First, control your mind

For some reason, your mind will try to keep you in a comfort zone, one that actually isn’t comfortable because it’s a zone that makes you no money.

Understand this (and tell your mind to understand it, too):

People love to give gifts!

The more the selected gift is different from what they usually receive (flowers, gift cards, etc.), the better. That’s where your gift baskets enter the picture. Your marketing plan helps you focus on this.

What you offer is something unique, a gift that the customer and recipient have neither seen nor experienced. This fact on its own makes marketing easy.

Next, stop writing and talking about you

Another fact that convinces people to buy is your spoken or written message. For example, take the words “I” and “we” out of the equation when you write or talk. You put the customer and recipient first when you don’t talk about “I” and “we.”

What you say and write is not about what you make – the language must focus on the gift-giving occasion that bonds people or companies.

When you stop talking about how you make gift baskets and start talking about the emotional bond that occurs during the giving, sales will grow. The 104 ideas you find in Gift Basket Marketing, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, go into detail on how to increase your bank account.

Finally, it’s okay to remind people

You may also think that people are tired of hearing about your business. That’s false thinking unless people start running away when you enter the room or walk down a street!

People are living their lives rather than thinking about or remembering what you offer. As you hear conversations, let the discussion remind you about great gift basket stories you hear from customers, and share the story during ongoing conversations.

Faces light up as listeners understand the connection, and that puts you in line to be remembered as the first call to make for gift and gift basket orders. This type of customer service even before individuals become customers is part of marketing made easy.

Position yourself as the ultimate gift solution specialist, the person who knows how to:

  • Make people smile
  • Dry every tear
  • Recall anniversaries
  • Congratulate winners (and second place, too)
  • Celebrate a grand occasion

Look in the mirror – it’s you who knows how to do all of that and more.

Marketing is easy when you see and position yourself as an ally to everyone who needs to celebrate or send condolences.

Yes, it’s you. Now go market!