Not sure how to increase sales with artificial intelligence? The good news is that there is potential. Here’s how gift baskets and AI work together.

Tried and true customer support

As your gift basket business grows through proven marketing methods, you learn more about your clients. You recognize how they:

  • Need ordering support
  • React to your proactive help
  • Work in certain professions
  • Care for loved ones, including pets

You also begin to realize that some prospects who have not yet ordered are not as easy to convert. In other words, they’re not the type who calls and orders by phone due to their personality. Perhaps you’re attempting to increase your corporate accounts but find your order methods don’t line up with their communication needs.

Technology to the rescue

The inclusion of artificial intelligence, better known as AI, may be the link to your business and the needs of these and other customers.

AI has always been part of your business, but it hasn’t always been identified as AI. Such online uses include:

  • Collecting information through form-generated surveys
  • Delivering local orders to locations using GPS
  • Computer software that alerts you to a client’s annual event

An example of how gift baskets and AI work together

An article about a Malaysia-based firm that relies on AI to create gifts reports that the company is finding favorable results in the way it connects with and satisfies customers. There are hundreds of products available in its database to create custom gifts for individuals and corporate clients.

Hopefully, the story broadens your ideas on how AI may fit more comfortably into your business. You may not yet have hundreds of items in your inventory (there’s a good chance you do!), but the potential is real. Start considering how such technology can increase your client list and potential for more sales.