Making gift baskets is fun, but sometimes you must make hard decisions, such as how many items in a gift basket. Here’s how to figure it out.

Number crunch

When a customer orders a large gift basket, how many gifts and goodies will you add to that design?

  • 5 items?
  • 10 items?
  • 100 items?

Of course, 100 items seems outrageous. However, if you are creating a gift as large as a vehicle, 100 may be the right number.

I’ve been asked the question, “How many items go into a small, medium, or large gift basket?” many times during in-person seminars, in the online gift basket business course, and mentor calls. It’s a valid question, one that does not have a definitive answer because of the many ways we complete the design process. The final decision occurs as you create each gift.

One quick example

The number of items you place into each gift basket is the same when you have pre-selected designs to sell. For example, your standard baby gift basket may include a:

  • Toy
  • Bib
  • Bottle
  • Blanket
  • Comb and brush
  • Teething ring
  • Cup, saucer, and spoon

That’s 10 items that will fit into a medium or large-sized basket or container depending on the size of each product and way you make it.

If a customer calls and asks you to create a custom gift basket design, the number of items you include will be different than the one you offer as the standard option.

The number also depends on the basket’s cost, and you might not be using a basket as the vessel. If a gift will be placed in a mug, that mug might only hold three items due to its size.

Three factors

You can tell from these examples that the number of items placed in each gift basket depends on various concerns.

  • The size of the items
  • What the customer will pay
  • The size of the basket/container

Long-time designers automatically know how to make quantity decisions because of their industry knowledge and understanding of what their customers expect. They balance this with understanding how to ensure they earn income. As you become more adept at taking orders and creating designs, any flaws you make at the beginning will decrease so your profits ensure your business’s longevity.

How many items in a gift basket

Here’s a general guide on how many items might go into certain gift basket sizes. Use these numbers as a guide only, knowing that your number may be very different than what’s shown here.

  • Small basket – 4-5 items
  • Medium basket – 7-8 items
  • Large basket – 10 items or more

The podcast, How Many Items in Each Gift?, provides you with more insight so you make the best possible decisions.

How do you decide how many items to include in your designs?