Are you capturing pictures of your gift basket business in and outside of your studio? Here’s how photos bring more business your way.

The image of change

On November 24, Time Magazine featured what they consider as the Best Photos of 2021.

Photographs showing the effects of Hurricane Ida, lava covering the Canary Islands, and families affected by COVID-19 topped their list. Some photos share life’s joys, and many other images capture pain due to war, climate change, and man-made upheavals.

Each picture reminds you of events that are easily forgotten as months pass (outside of COVID-19) unless you, your business, friend, or family member share a direct connection.

How photos bring more business your way

What does this photo gallery teach you as a gift industry specialist? It inspires you to consider creating your own best photos gallery as part of your website, social media pages, and marketing materials.

This part of business growth is critical to your marketing plan. Images validate social proof that what you create to bring joy or comfort no matter the occasion.

Be sure to have your cellphone or traditional camera accompany you each time products or services are delivered, new staff or interns are trained, publish newsletters, sponsorships are awarded, donations are fulfilled, and a multitude of special moments occur.

It’s important to capture these memories as part of your marketing plan, showing prospects and clients how your business impacts others personally and professionally.

Time Magazine doesn’t have a lock on the best photos category. Pick up your cellphone to capture more than phone calls, or have your traditional camera ready each time anything special is happening in your studio, during an exhibit, or when a delivery is made.

Take your best shot. Rather than waiting for year’s end, you can share your best photos all year round with clients, followers, and the world.