Gift baskets can include Avon and Mary Kay products, but how can you do it and make money? Here’s how to add branded cosmetics to gift baskets.

A spirited gathering

If you’ve ever attended an Avon or Mary Kay regional meeting, you’re familiar with the energy that flows through the room. If you haven’t attended a meeting, here’s some insight. There’s a frenzy of excitement between brand ambassadors. Reward bracelets and similar gifts are distributed to top associates. There’s also lots of motivational speeches from regional officers.

The meeting encourages every ambassador to do one thing – sell and sell often. Some of that selling may include creating gift baskets that include cosmetic products even if such a collection isn’t mentioned. It’s up to each ambassador to market ethically, and one such way is creating gift baskets with items within the brand they represent.

How to add branded cosmetics to gift baskets

For years, Avon, Mary Kay, and similar brand associates have asked me how to make gift baskets using the products they represent. At first, the solution was not apparent. That’s because the products are not available at wholesale cost, making the retail price higher than what customers are willing to pay. However, there is a way to include such brands within gift baskets and still make a profit.

Here are ideas to keep in mind if you are a brand ambassador.

  • Only include 2-3 branded items in each gift basket
  • Add complementary non-branded items to the design
  • Design in trays instead of or in addition to baskets
  • Include the brand’s sample sizes if possible

Since many of the branded items are in the self-care category, some non-branded, complementary products to include in these gifts are:

  • Sponge
  • Candles
  • Slippers
  • Foot powder
  • Bath pillow

Mall brands that qualify

Avon, Mary Kay, and similar brands aren’t the only products in this category, and not all are in the self-care line. Other brands that designers choose that are not available to buy at wholesale prices are:

  • Disney
  • Trader Joe’s
  • The Body Shop
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Bath and Body Works

Episode 41 podcast, Adding Avon, Mary Kay, and Other Brands, uncovers details on pricing and other charges to add to each gift made with branded products.

Now that you have more insight on how to add branded cosmetics to gift baskets, when will you, as a brand ambassador, create designs that customers will order?