Are you planning a store-like setting for gift baskets during the holidays or for a special occasion? Here’s how to create a gift basket pop up shop.

Setting up a temporary store is nothing new, but the phrase pop up shop is a new way to describe this retail environment.

New name for a familiar display

If you’ve ever attended a sidewalk sale, farmers’ market, or country fair, you’re familiar with pop up shops. Such places exist for a specific period of time to the delight of people who enjoy visiting such events. The same is true about business gatherings. A chamber of commerce event is one example. Members gather to display their products and services on tables within a hotel or other building. These options are all part of a marketing plan.

You can create your own pop up shop at any time. The right time depends on the season and occasion such as for Valentine’s Day or end-of-year holidays. I displayed my gifts and baskets at city-sponsored events and craft fairs long before the name pop up shop was known. Perhaps you’ve done the same but now call the display by its newfound name.

Think like a retailer

Here’s how to create a gift basket pop up shop. Consider all of the attributes you see in traditional stores. Your temporary in-shop environment must include all of the parts needed to welcome, market, and sell to visitors. This includes:

  • Signage
  • Shopping bags
  • Display supplies
  • Sales processing equipment
  • Post-shop marketing

You also may require security which depends on the shop’s size and number of people you hire as help.

Merchandise mix

You can never be sure what customers will buy, so it’s important to create a combination of designs that display a range of options. Bring your most lavish gifts in baskets, and also include gifts in crates, mugs, and other smaller gifts available for immediate purchase.

Knowing the type of people who are in the area will give you ideas on what to bring. Also, have a way to capture names and email addresses for future contact regarding future pop up shops you plan to create.

Trial and error

There are pros and cons to setting up your temporary store, so many that you may need mentoring help before you commit by signing an agreement. One pro is having the potential to reach lots more local people than possible through social media, which is a huge opportunity for growth throughout the year.