What does the word curation mean in terms of gift basket making? It’s a process that takes you away from general products to find select items not available everywhere. Here’s how to curate gift baskets.

All about curation

When given the chance to create gift baskets for a corporate event, worldwide association, or private institution, items you select for every day giving won’t do. Your client is on a mission to make a statement through your expertise. That’s no small feat. However, if you market consistently as another article details and are ready to take your business up several levels, curation is the way to go.

With gift baskets, curation refers to the selection of specific products arranged in a custom vessel for distribution at or during an event or special occasion. Curation gifts and baskets highlight an introduction, appreciation, or celebration. Your client expresses the idea and sketch of what she wants. From there, it’s up to you to develop a list of questions and concerns to ensure that the design exceeds expectations.

Grocery goods need not apply

Products chosen for curation may already be in your inventory, but unless you regularly purchase high-end items, you’re about to do lots of research. Curated gifts don’t include the traditional crackers and cheese. Depending on the vision shared by the client and your interpretation of that vision, you’ll find and gather luxury products in the gift, gourmet, personal care, baby, pet, and other categories.

Don’t expect your first design meeting to be triumphant. Clients rarely approve the initial selection. This project will take time to finish. Be sure to go deep in your investigation so you have lots of insight and options.

Make Sure the Price is Right

It takes time and talent to curate gifts, so do not undercharge for this service. What you’re embarking on is personal shopping to create a gift that’s not on the market, one that fits within your client’s brand. This project could also be contracted by a retailer.

For example, a wine company asked me to find products to pair with several types of wine. The final prototypes, created as a holiday assortment for their stores, took six months to complete. Before agreeing to this project, I reviewed every detail with the client including my compensation. Getting paid your worth is vital, so a chat with me will ensure that you’re also paid correctly.

Final advice on how to curate gift baskets

Curation isn’t for everyone. The process begins with clients who understand that your service does not come cheap and ends with your satisfaction of a job well done and well paid. You will be frustrated and feeling underappreciated if you’re not properly prepared. However, when you have all of the facts and are ready for action, curation will expand your income and potential to master similar projects.

What are your questions about curating gift baskets?