Having trouble figuring out how to get gift baskets to customers? Here’s how to deliver gift baskets whether by hand or shipping.

Making memories at the door

One of the most-memorable deliveries in my 30+ years in this business was bringing a get well gift basket to a man who recently arrived home from the hospital. He stretched out his arms to take the gift basket, and with tears in his eyes, he looked around to find the sender.

“She’s not here,” I said, “but she wants you to call her after you see what’s inside the gift.”

“Oh, I will,” said the man. “This is so beautiful!”

He thanked me before I wished him good health and exited his front yard.

Such conversations are very important as part of your customer service, something you must consider when starting a gift basket business. However, you may no longer be comfortable being too close to a recipient or customer. The way you or your designated courier deliver gift baskets now and in the future may be from a distance, so it’s important to decide how to update your delivery method to protect everyone involved.

How to deliver gift baskets

Shippers such as UPS and FedEx have their delivery structure in place. You also need a system for local deliveries you or others provide. Start by identifying your service with a name, whether formal or catchy. Here are some options.

  • White Glove
  • Clean and Courteous
  • Safe Distance

Let customers know, on your website, through social media, and by mail that you’ve upgraded local deliveries so they have no concerns about the representative arriving at their door. If needed, you may also have to upgrade the presentation in other ways, such as personalized:

  • Shirt
  • Cap
  • Pin
  • Jacket
  • Car decal

Make a list

Determine all of the ways you can deliver and keep your distance at the same time. Consider all possible delivery locations. For instance, what’s the process when you deliver to a:

  • Private home
  • Condominium complex
  • Apartment building
  • Corporate office

These locations are no different than where you’ve delivered in the past. However, it’s the way in which you deliver that’s critical to decide now.

In addition to items mentioned above, how will you incorporate a personalized mask and gloves? Are such items necessary for health protection between you, customers, and recipients? Even if and when the current health crisis ends, it’s possible that people will default to buying from companies that make a clean delivery process part of their deliveries.

Several gift basket designers I mentor upgraded their delivery terms soon after the health crisis began. A few will outsource all of their deliveries to professional couriers. That’s one option, while a few others will protect themselves in ways mentioned above.

One last word on how to deliver gift baskets

It’s time to make decisions and take action on how you will handle gift basket deliveries. Customers are counting on you to ensure their protection as well as yours.

What changes have or will you make for deliveries?