When a customer orders hundreds of gift baskets, what’s your first step? Here’s how to handle the big order.

Keep breathing

Since opening your business you’ve made one gift basket for a customer here and one there. Orders have steadily increased because you market consistently.

Then one day the phone rings. On the line is a local company representative who’s ordering 700 gift baskets to distribute to staff and executives. Your stomach tightens as you try to listen to the customer’s voice and allow your brain to catch up to what she’s saying.

You’ve never completed such an enormous amount of gifts, but there’s no way you’ll turn this order down. It’s a challenge you know you can achieve.

What’s the first step to start the order? How will you deliver it all, and when will you get paid?

When a mega order arrives, a lot swirls through your head, especially when it’s the first time. You’re breathing changes for an instant. However, there’s no need to panic. Stress is not the first step in how to handle the big order.

Just as a chemist uses a checklist to ensure that a formula contains all the ingredients, you also require a checklist to start, process, and finalize this huge order. This is the beginning of a new level in your business, so breath, smile, and get started.

One Step at a Time

A list is vital to manage the big order. What’s on the list?

  • When the order is due
  • Where to buy products
  • Who will make the gifts
  • Where the work will be done
  • When to collect payment
  • Who will deliver and where

Keep reviewing your list, adding new parts that need documentation and crossing off what’s done.

The biggest concern

Where are you buying all of the baskets, shred, and foods? This answer can create the highest hurdle because all of the items won’t come from one source. However, at this point you know of numerous suppliers and will call them to check on their inventory before placing orders.

Another vital part is ordering more product than you need. This is done to make up for any damage that may occur once the products are in transit. Later, you can request a credit or refund for product that was crushed or broken.

How to handle the big order

When a large gift basket order arrives, one thing you don’t want is a mistake. Since mistakes can occur, it’s important to monitor that part of the process as diligently as everything that was done properly.

Mistakes teach lessons that can and will be fixed the next time, and there will be a text time because you consistently market to encourage customers to order big again.