Thinking about how to make gift baskets with local products and wondering if it will sell? This article helps you with the decision and find products that customers want.

Six reasons for local product popularity

Gift baskets that include products made within a state or country are and will always be popular. Reasons for individuals and companies needing such creations include:

  • Welcoming an executive visiting the area
  • Congratulating an employee on her relocation
  • Adding one to each hotel room for conference visitors
  • Offering them in souvenir gift shops
  • Bringing one home to remember a great vacation
  • Sending it to a person who longs to return home

The list is much longer than this, but we’ll start with these ideas.

Five places to find local foods and gifts

It’s always gratifying to find local sources for products made in your state or country, right? There’s plenty available. However, the problem can be finding it. How do you go about locating products made locally? Here are five easy ways.

  • Look for official departments in charge of promoting local companies
  • Ask a librarian (yes, visit the library!) for reference books on local resources
  • Inspect manufacturing details on products found at retail stores
  • Visit wholesale suppliers. You can enter even if you can’t buy there yet
  • Attend fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets, and similar gatherings

The article Gift Basket Products, So Easy to Find uncovers locations for local goods and more, too.

Finding what you want in unimaginable places

Keep an open mind as you search for local products. An open mind allows you to find products in places you’d normally overlook, and here’s an example.

There’s a transportation trolley that starts in Belleville, NJ and ends at Penn Station in Newark, NJ. It’s a pleasant ride with numerous stops that pass through neighborhoods and across streets. I rode that trolley for years when working in New York City.

One summer day enroute home the air in the trolley filled with a decadent chocolate aroma. There was a collective, yet quiet sigh of delight from everyone on board. The sweetness was heavenly.

It was obvious that a local manufacturer was somewhere in the area. I had to find them, and I did. Since then, that chocolate maker’s concoctions have been featured in my creations and as custom gifts for special clients.

Why and how to make gift baskets with local products

Your customers love gift baskets with locally-made goods. Buying such designs is more than a trend, it’s pride in one’s community and a reflection of local stability. Having trouble finding locally-made items? Wholesale Suppliers in Your State uncovers it all in an email sent to you within 24 hours. What a time saver.

I’m betting that your business will prosper if you add and properly market state-made and country-made gift baskets to your gift line.