Do you make gift baskets in a clean environment? The answer reveals how to provide customer service during uncertain times.

Cleanliness leads to sales

What are your every day health and safety standards? You may not have considered this question in the past, but in these coronavirus (COVID-19) concern days, it’s wise to review the atmosphere where you make and sell gift baskets. If you don’t address this, customers will not do business with you.

Gift basket buyers are not venturing out to buy gifts for family and friends. Right now they’d rather order by phone or online, and they will only call or order from firms that provide information regarding their standards. Such sales procedures are part of your overall marketing plan.

Buyers cannot afford to send gifts made in a suspicious environment. You must tell them up front about the your facility’s cleanliness standards.

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Here’s what customers want to know.

  1. What steps are taken to clean your facility?
  2. How does staff maintain personal cleanliness?
  3. What are the sanitary procedures for stocking products?
  4. How do you ensure that the gifts they order are virus free?
  5. What sanitary procedures are in place for local deliveries?

Notice that these questions require an answer, not a yes or no response. People need complete replies when speaking with them in person, by phone, or through email.

There are other concerns to answer if you cater to certain cultures or geographic locations. You know what to address, so be sure to do so.

How to provide customer service during uncertain times

You’ve received many emails regarding the coronavirus from firms providing you with service, including if you receive our newsletter. It’s the same type of communication you must send to customers if you haven’t yet. Send your anti-virus update no later than this week.

Don’t know what to say? Crafting your own response is easy. Read one of the emails you’ve received and craft your message from some of the information you read. You won’t copy verbatim because other company’s procedures won’t also be your own.

You can create a video message. Offer a podcast if that’s available. If writing text, make the content easy to read and down to earth so prospects and customers understand your message. Include details on the five questions stated above. Use 2-3 sentences to answer each question. That will create a well-rounded response that puts customers at ease as they order.

Reach out here to solve more problems

I encourage you to respond to this article with other situations you face during this crisis. What are customers saying to you? What part of your marketing seems to not be working even though you’ve distributed your anti-virus message? Let’s try and solve problems so your business thrives during uncertain times.