If you feel as though you cannot get away, that’s simply not true. Here’s how to take a vacation from gift baskets.

Panic over the Atlantic

My husband and I went on vacation to Antigua one week after my official business launch. While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, I panicked when thinking that my voice mail message said nothing about being away. How awful it would be to not respond to customers ordering designs. I shrugged my shoulders knowing that there was nothing I could do except enjoy my vacation.

When returning to the office, I ran to the phone to hear messages. There were none. While I was happy that no one was disappointed, it was also disheartening that there were no calls. My business introduction went well, but it was still early for lots of calls. I chalked the event up to a lesson learned, and I was very happy for the relaxation before the busy holiday season.

A must-do on your calendar

When starting your gift basket business, one of the most-important tasks is scheduling time away from business. Time away serves many purposes.

  • Confirms satisfaction
  • Refreshes your mind
  • Makes business worthwhile

One of the questions I’m frequently asked in the Start Your Own Gift Basket Business online course is about taking vacations.

  • What do I tell customers?
  • How do I shut everything down?
  • What happens if I lose customers?

Your business will not suffer because of a vacation. However, it may suffer if you don’t get away.

Five steps before you leave

Closing shop for one week or even a few three-day weekends is customary for business owners in every industry. The main steps for you are easy to accomplish.

  • Change your voice mail message
  • Turn off all electronic items
  • Sweep and organize the studio
  • Alert social media followers
  • Add a message on your website

There’s a certain way to tell customers and followers that you will not be in your studio which is revealed in the episode 49 podcast, Why Your Vacation is Mandatory. Letting everyone know that you are away is not the best wording, as that will sound as though your office is available for theft.

How do you ensure that vacations are on your annual schedule?