Not sure if you’re an expert at gift basket making or a part timer? Here’s how to tell if you’re a gift basket designer or hobbyist.

Setting the record straight

The first time my husband stated out loud to me, “Anyone can make a gift basket,” my inner defense shield rose. I was offended and told him to never again state those words. His face changed from confidence to confusion, and with that I let him know all about this anyone he mentioned.

My understanding of this industry begins with the fact that he is unable to make a gift basket, which disproves his point.

From there, I explained that many people can put foods and gifts into a basket, box, or another type of container. However, many people do not have the professional expertise required to arrange a collection of foods and gifts in a way that magnifies elegance and tastefulness.

That’s what wows gift basket receivers. They want to see a masterpiece, a work of art, an exceptional design made exclusively for them.

An expert eye

We professional gift basket experts know the difference between a gift basket that’s mass produced and one that’s made with originality. The knowing begins with starting the business. While nothing’s wrong with mass production, the likelihood of such a product sitting for months on a store shelf or in a warehouse is strong.

Finally, we designers make time for education. Learning how to elevate products above the basket’s rim, keeping items in place during shipping, and deciding whether or not to enclose the design in cellophane or shrink wrap (and having access to both) is critical to delivering excellence. It also removes lots of anyones from the equation.

Nothing is wrong with being a person who makes gift baskets as a hobby. Such a person often visits online gift basket discussion areas asking where they can buy professional products. They ask because the cellophane they purchase is thin and easily tears. They see the mini bathtubs with claw feet professional designers use to create self care gifts and want to know where they can buy the same.

Gift basket designers who take the time to research such products know where to find these supplies because their success depends on that knowledge.

Conclusive proof

By the time I finished reading my husband the riot act about his anyone statement, he put his hands up and said, “Okay, okay, you’re right. There’s a lot I didn’t know.

Another vital point about making gift baskets is the ability to sell what people want in terms of design expertise. If your design doesn’t appeal to buyers, your gifts won’t sell. That creates lots of wasted design time and money, a double frustration no one wants whether you’re a professional or hobbyist.

Getting design feedback is one of the many perks offered in the online Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course. However, such feedback is also available by speaking directly with me. During the call, I identify why no one is buying your gift baskets and what your next step is so you start selling.

This service is one that hobbyists and professional designers ask me to tell them, and you understand why. As the creator, you are often unable to see problems. That’s why an expert eye is best. It’s similar to hiring a detective. A person who’s an expert on what people want sees what you don’t. This is why our private conversation helps you sell more of what you enjoy making.

My husband didn’t mean to devalue gift basket designing. He simply did not know how to tell if you’re a gift basket designer or hobbyist. However, he did experience something bigger. Sales of my designs paid for his many travels throughout the world. After our discussion, he never again associated the word anyone with gift baskets.