Is there a way to cut costs while creating beautiful designs? You’re in luck if making gift baskets with free containers is your goal. Here’s how.

The secret’s out

One designer I met many years ago was an expert at creating gift baskets in containers that didn’t cost her any money.

Can you believe that?

The definitive article on finding gift basket products reveals lots of places to get your items. When you locate it all, the calculator comes out, because you know how expensive it can be to buy quality products.

Still, you want to pay less so you profit more. There are possibilities beyond searching through your attic and basement to make that happen. Let’s review how one maker did it.

Making gift baskets with free containers

The Gift Basket Design Book

The savvy designer mentioned above did not purchase gift basket containers. Yet, every detail of her designs was magnificent, and she sold a lot to her clientele.

Her secret was to take square boxes and cover them with fabric that matched the gift theme. Glue held the fabric in place, and her clients loved the ingenuity.

This designer has been my idol for many years, and I still review her brochure for inspiration.

In fact, her concept of never paying for containers was the inspiration for me to create a video on this for designers whom I mentor each month. The video reveals a second way to get freebies, and designer clients receive immediate access to this information.

It’s smart to know where to get great merchandise that’s often overlooked as containers for gift basket making. This video exposes that secret.

The video introduces you to containers that cost nothing at all except time to pick it up from the location and transportation to get there. You can order the video in the shop.

You can take care of errands while picking up free-of-charge containers along the way!

More money, high quality

Just think: it’s possible to lower your gift basket making costs while tripling or even quadrupling your revenue by adding free containers to your inventory.

I’m not talking about garbage, throwaway containers. These are made-with-quality items that are keepsakes along with gift contents.

If you have a go-to free container, whether it’s a basket or another item, where did you find it, and how do customers and friends react when they see it?