What’s the best time to determine how to sell your gift baskets? No matter where you are, it’s time to map out your marketing plan now.

Treat every day like New Year’s Day

If you plan to be successful with gift baskets, selling to corporations and other big sales targets, you must decide how it will be done.

There’s no time to wait for the turn-of-the-year ball to drop wherever you happen to be. Right now is when decisions are made. As the months pass, you’ll have a framework to follow, edit, and update.

Big company thinking that works for you

The one thing about working for big companies that I remember very clearly is their sales and marketing planning for the coming year. That planning was always done in August.

Managers calculate costs, expenses, and salaries before submitting the numbers to supervisors. Salaries were firmly set for the following year. Expenses were rarely stable. Still, the numbers had to be in no matter what.

Your marketing strategy ought to follow a similar focus. Follow the definitive article to easily put it together. How else will you know what you want to accomplish and how to follow your desire for a strong, lucrative business?

Three ways to map out your marketing plan now

Gift Basket Marketing, Vol. 1, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Here are three steps to follow to create a marketing plan you can easily arrange and update as next year progresses.

1. Choose one large corporate market as your target.

2. Decide how you will sell to that market each month.

3. Make adjustments in your strategy as needed.

Of course, your planning will be more robust than the simplicity of these three steps, but start here.

If you’re struggling to create your plan or simply get all thoughts out of your head and onto paper to create a meaningful strategy, the Marketing Plan Review you and I create together makes what you want to accomplish a reality.

Make this coming year with your gift basket business not just successful but one that every corporate business in the area turns to for gifts and baskets. It is possible if you begin now.

Start here, and commit today. Success will be yours every day of the year.

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