Is it possible to make gift baskets and hope they sell? That won’t work. Here’s why marketing is essential to gift basket success.

Tell the world

You can make enough gift baskets to fill up your kitchen counters, bathroom tub, and every staircase in your home or office.

What’s the point of all of those creations if you’re not marketing your beautiful designs?

If you don’t market, every gift basket will stay in your possession. The people who’d most enjoy them will never receive them if you don’t market what you make.

That’s sad. Thankfully, there’s a marketing plan you can follow so the situation doesn’t stay that way.

Five reasons why marketing is essential to gift basket success

You make gift baskets to:

  • Put smiles on people’s faces
  • Introduce companies to each other
  • Show appreciation for a job well done
  • Apologize for small and big problems
  • Celebrate occasions in extraordinary ways

If you don’t have methods to put your beautiful gifts into other people’s hands, you have talent but no way to share it.

That’s why marketing is such a huge part of making and selling gift baskets. You need to get the word out about your designs to those most likely to buy.

Design your marketing budget

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Gift Basket Marketing, Vol. 1, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.
Of course, some marketing does cost tens of thousands of dollars, but what about the tried-and-true methods that gift basket designers have turned to for many years?

Lots of those smart ideas are found in the marketing books I’ve written.

The most popular e-books have 52 proven ideas in each and are available for quick downloading.

Every marketing opportunity is open to you. The key is finding the right methods to sell at any given time.

For example, the marketing you choose to sell Christmas gift baskets will be different than selling birthday gifts.

I’ve marketed my gift baskets on television to millions of viewers. However, that’s not my only strategy.

I also market to local buyers through ways that I know reach them.

Ready, aim, market

How do you balance making gift baskets with marketing? How do you make sure that your gorgeous designs sell every day so they don’t stay atop counters, in tubs, and on staircases?