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The Golden Basket Club


Congratulations on your decision to explore membership in a club created exclusively for gift basket designers!

Please read the information below, which gives you highlights about what to expect.

Who You Are

You have a gift for creating beautiful works of art. Perhaps you're an avid knitter, painter, or scrapbooker and are ready to dig deep into your creativity and make gift baskets for family and friends. This is a talent you envision as something you'll enjoy all of your life because gift basket making is always different each time you make something new.

You absolutely love making gift baskets for fun or profit, and in either case, you’re doing this all alone, which can sometimes be tough, especially when you want to talk with someone else who has the same type of passion for this craft as you do.

What Issues You're Facing

Time is important to you, so hearing new ideas and information either live during a call by phone, as well as being able to ask questions, or having access to previous calls whenever you want to hear it is terrific because of your schedule between a job and family.


Also, being able to go into an online area where you can copy scripts to prepare to speak with potential corporate customers or find a list of companies in your area selling products close to your location would definitely be a life saver.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, a trusted mentor who’ll be there to let you know if you’re going in the right direction when looking for new products, pricing your gift baskets, or having someone who’ll help you get more people to your website or tell you about new products at gift trade shows you can't attend.

You also need help in planning which gift baskets to make and especially how to make them, when and where to buy products, and also someone who you can call at a moment’s notice to ask questions so you don’t make mistakes that could have been overlooked the first time.

That would absolutely be helpful to you.

What You Need Most Right Now to Get Started

You’re searching for a place online to access all types of information you cannot find now about gift baskets, which includes a weekly message by audio to keep you motivated, a library of resources from pricing for high profits to products located directly in your area, and direct access to speak with Shirley anytime you need a helping hand to figure something out that looks exciting but may be more difficult than it seems at first.

You want access to all types of how-to videos that are customized to helping you create the beautiful gift baskets others make but better because you'll make them better. You also want to find a source for custom letters and have pre-written scripts available to make it easy to speak with potential corporate customers.

Receiving product samples by mail to try out the latest products and see its packaging would be terrific, too, as that would give you a jump on what’s coming out for special holidays and gift basket-making events.

The Gift Basket Program for You is The Golden Basket Club.

Click this link to go directly to the Golden Basket Club's site to learn abut the four membership levels. Each level is explained so you know right away which one is for you.

To your success,

Shirley George Frazier
Your Mentor, Author, and Gift Basket Expert


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