How many times do you forget to capture a photograph of finished gift baskets before it’s delivered? After reading this, you will have no excuse for not taking pictures.

Reasons to snap

The lifeblood of making and selling gift baskets is finding quality products for designs that your clients are proud to send to their customers. Without the right products, your business will not survive.

Once designs are made (follow the blueprint in this article), prospects and clients need to see a visual presentation showing what you offer. There’s no two ways about this. You either have photos to show, whether online or during an in-person visit, or you have nothing for the client to evaluate.

There’s no sale if there’s no evidence.

If you hesitate to take photos or forget to capture completed design pictures before shipping designs, you are severely hampering your gift basket business.

Creating a procedure to ensure that photos are ready is imperative.

No matter what day, time, or month it is, commit now to include taking photographs as part of your operation. Start by identifying if you postpone or outright forget. Then, follow these steps.

For postponers

There is no reason to hesitate, especially when you own up to the real problem.

Are your designs not up to standards? Is your camera equipment too dated? These are easy fixes, and the same is true about any other reason for postponement. Get clear on the problem, fix it, and start snapping.

For forgetters

Like a hotel staffer who cleans rooms daily, you must create a checklist of steps that are completed throughout the order process.

Get the order, gather items, make the gift basket, photograph it, and box it for shipping are part of your list, depending on internal procedures. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Some of the items you may want to purchase for picture taking are:

  • Backdrop and/or white fabric
  • Stool or table
  • Tripod
  • Lighting

There’s another article about photography that provides more insight on how to increase your portfolio and revenue.

Repeat after me: “No excuse for not taking pictures!

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