About - Gift Basket BusinessAuthor and industry expert, Shirley George Frazier, launched GiftBasketBusiness.com in 1998 with one mission:

To create a comprehensive online resource about gift baskets that solves the problem of successfully starting a business and growing sales in this dynamic industry.

That focus is still our No. 1 goal.

GiftBasketBusiness.com is all about you, the aspiring entrepreneur, independent gift basket designer, or traditional retail store owner/manager who’s starting a gift basket business or adding gift baskets to an existing store.

Whether you’re part-time or full-time, in a brick-and-mortar shop or home-based, making gift baskets for personal fulfillment or professional gain, this site answers your questions, provides ideas, and offers assistance to grow your company with fewer mistakes while earning more income.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, and patience to succeed in this industry. Here is where you cut through the problems, clutter, and confusion found elsewhere so you recognize which direction is right to achieve your goals.

GiftBasketBusiness.com is known worldwide, by aspiring and current gift basket designers, as the go-to place for news, tips, strategies, and resources, and we are honored to be your mentor.


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Solve those pesky sales and marketing problems that keep your business from growing by speaking with the world’s No. 1 gift basket expert, Shirley George Frazier. Her 27+ years of industry experience and guidance will move your business from the same, non-growth pattern to income-producing sales you’ll discover from new and current customers. See the coaching options here.

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Your goals require special service through the VIP Programs. Each level (three in total) is meticulous created to design your gift basket business for maximum income through corporate and institutional sales. You’ll experience owning an enterprise that allows you to enjoy the business and personal lifestyle you envision. See the VIP Program here.


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