Gift Basket Industry Fast Facts

Gift Basket Industry Fast Facts, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Gift baskets are not exempt from problems that occur inside and outside of the industry. Here are three lists identifying current issues occurring today.

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Five Biggest Gift Basket Issues

1. Antiquated and unfriendly city zoning laws for properly-registered home-based designers.

2. Being knowledgeable about customers so initial inventory is a hit rather than a miss.

3. Finding easy to use and install financial and inventory management system.

4. Convincing outsiders that gift baskets are a billion plus dollar industry, not a hobby.

5. Finding proper space outside of the home to structure the business for extra staff and growth.

Six Top Gift Basket Mistakes

1. Ignoring clients who have already purchased.

2. “Winging” business with no plan.

3. Keeping clients that ought to be removed from the client list.

4. Neglecting to ask prospects and clients for referrals.

5. Expecting orders to arrive without consistent marketing.

6. Competing for large orders before securing a proper workspace and employees.

Five Internal Gift Basket Problems

1. Finding chocolate (non-melting) substitutes for summer baskets.

2. Internet photographs increasingly copied/stolen from gift basket business owners.

3. New designers expecting seasoned veterans to mentor them free of charge.

4. Difficulty determining accurate industry growth and decline by year.

5. Lack of basic standards that separate serious designers from hobbyists and get-rich-quick firms.


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