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Once upon a time, information on starting a successful gift basket business did not exist. Anyone who made gift baskets didn’t share their secrets because they were in business and not teachers. This was true when I decided to make and sell this wonderful bundle of gifts. But unlike some designers, I knew that sharing my expertise, resources, and insider information would create a better opportunities for all of us.

That’s why the Digital Starter Pack is here for you today.

This Pack is a collection that easily guides you into the gift basket world.

Need to know how to start without making unnecessary and costly mistakes? That’s here.

Don’t know where to find foods and gifts from popular companies? This is a huge problem, and this Pack solves it.

Wondering which types of gift baskets sell faster than others? The list is here.

What about gift basket secrets no one will tell you? That’s in the Pack as well.

And there’s more. Here’s what you get in this brand new Digital Starter Pack.

  • 12 important steps to introduce you to gift baskets
  • A list of 20 great suppliers throughout the U.S. with links to their websites (international designers – read more below)
  • 9 best-selling gift basket themes to make before you create anything else
  • Names of every gift and gourmet publication available today with links to their websites (you can order print versions, often free of charge)
  • 34-minute video showing how to combine food with non-food fragrant items like soap (this is crucial – you’ll regret not knowing this)
  • 56-minute audio sharing lots of information and tips on making and selling gift baskets
  • Tips from pros to make sure you make money and sidestep problems

The Digital Starter Pack is delivered to you immediately when you order, so there’s no waiting for this by mail. It saves you lots of time looking for products and support that you won’t get anywhere else. Best of all, it’s available here, through the one company you can trust to deliver reliable help.

International gift basket designers – you’re not left out of this Pack! The suppliers are U.S. based, but if you order this valuable collection, I’ll make sure that you receive a list of as many wholesalers in your region as we can uncover. Wholesalers exist everywhere, and we can find them for you.

Wait no longer to begin your gift basket business. Order this Digital Starter Pack today.


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