Getting into Gift Baskets: The No B.S. Guide to Cashing In on Your Creativity


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Product Description

Have you wanted to start a gift basket business but didn’t know where to begin?

Are you struggling to turn your dream into reality?

This informative e-book reveals everything you want to know about starting your own business, whether in the comfort of your own home or in another space where you can combine your creativity with a money-making venture that helps you live a fun and rewarding life.

In this e-book, written by gift basket expert, Shirley George Frazier, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to get started
  • Who buys gift baskets often and how to approach them
  • Which products are best to buy and where to find them
  • Where to set up your workspace even if you don’t think you have room
  • What types of problems are common and how to not make them
  • How to market your gift baskets in person and online
  • How to “use” your family as taste testers so they become your biggest cheerleaders
  • And much more to build a solid foundation for success before you buy your first basket

Whether you want to make gift baskets as part-time hobby or full-time business, this e-book will guide you in the right direction with sage advice and wisdom to build your confidence and your business step by step.

Shirley George Frazier is the world’s foremost authority on gift baskets. She is author of How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business and The Gift Basket Design Book. At her firm, Sweet Survival LLC, she is chief basketologist, assisting retailers with gift basket designing, marketing, and business growth.

Frazier’s clients include Macy’s, Total Wine, Hallmark stores, independent floral shops, and home-based gift basket designers worldwide. She speaks at consumer and business events throughout the U.S.

Frazier writes and is quoted in articles published worldwide including Entrepreneur, Costco Connection and New York Newsday, and she has appeared on CNBC, Food Network, The Discovery Channel, and The LiveWell Network.

You can read this e-book on any device, so order it today and get started now!


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