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Product Description

You don’t think about needing gift basket forms until it’s too late, and here’s why.

You’re a designing dynamo, creating gift baskets, crate gifts, and tote bags at a moment’s notice. For you that’s the easy part.

The hard part is the administrative side – the part where you have to produce documents, forms, and other written information required by customers, wholesalers, and others in the gift basket world.

You don’t have time to create forms. It takes too much energy, and nothing online is ready made for you – until now.

Gift Basket Forms simplifies your need for buying, selling, and documenting general information. These forms allow you to create the system you’ve always wanted but never had time to figure out.

Each form is ready for you to add your name and business name where needed. Each one organizes your process so you easily provide the documentation required in every situation.

Is the customer ready to order? Get the order form.
Does the customer need a receipt? Print the form.
Do you need to confirm a delivery? Pull out your form.

That’s here and more.

What you get

Here are the 10 forms created for you in this must-have collection.

  • Order Form – the internal form to use when customers place orders by phone or in person
  • Upsell Form – make more money with each sale when using this customized form
  • Sales Receipt – send this form with each order to document every sale
  • Buying Chart – keep an eye on what you buy and your budget so you don’t buy too much or too little
  • Potential Buyer’s Chart – learn all about the people you think will buy so you attract more of the same
  • Delivery Form – verify who’s receiving the gift baskets you or a courier delivers so there’s no problem
  • Competition Log – you need to know who’s selling gift baskets in your area and keep watch on them
  • Customer Profile – now that this person is a true customer, document what she really likes and find more buyers like her
  • Credit Reference Sheet – be ready when wholesalers require information to ensure you’ll pay on time
  • Purchase Order – a handy sheet to use at trade shows and also when you’re buying at local suppliers

Also included is a 32-minute video that uncovers how each form is used along with ideas to customize each one the way you want.

Forms made exclusively for you, the creative gift basket designer

You’re a great designer. Now make your gift basket life easy with these 10 Gift Basket Forms. Save yourself time, energy, and stress. Order this bundle today.


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