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A defining moment happened in my life back in 1989 when I was working for a corporate company.

That was the year I looked back and realized that in 12 years I had worked for 12 different companies.

I finally faced facts. I wasn’t happy and definitely wasn’t working to my potential. Things had to change my life for the better, and I decided to start my own gift basket business.

There I stood in my home studio, six months after that defining moment, setting up my shop with baskets, snacks, supplies, and all the items needed to create a great business.

I learned how to make beautiful designs, and that was half of the solution. I needed customers to buy my beautiful baskets, and that was a problem. I had lots of trouble getting customers. It was tough, but then I learned to create systems, checklists, and programs within my business to make sure I always had lots of clients and income to build my business consistently over time.

The systems worked brilliantly. Customer orders arrived from individuals, entertainers, politicians, and corporate businesses all over the world. I even showed my gift baskets on the Food Network, Channel 5 New York, New Jersey Network, and local morning shows broadcast to millions of people. Sales went from a few thousand dollars in the first year to hundreds of thousands of dollars and much more.

When I attended gift basket conventions, other designers asked me how I achieved so much success. I gave them tips on attracting customers and getting more sales.

I taught them what to do, and they came back after doing it (and getting results) and asked what else to do. That’s when I noticed that they were struggling with the same problems I once had.

The success convinced me to write How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business and The Gift Basket Design Book, the world’s best-selling industry books, and it positioned me as the industry expert that everyone seeks to start and successfully grow gift basket businesses from homes and in stores.

I now dedicate my professional life to assisting new gift basket makers to create works of art and also help growing designers to cut through all the clutter and start successful gift basket businesses with less mistakes and more business than if they started without guidance.

As a gift basket expert and consultant, I ONLY work with individuals, independent gift basket business owners, and retailers who wish to add gift basket sections to their stores. In other words, gift baskets – and only gift baskets – are my specialty.

Because my focus is an exclusive niche, what you get with me is no-nonsense, concentrated expertise on what works for you. I am the expert in this industry, and that’s why all of my clients get great results (and I add a huge helping of enthusiasm, inspiration, and encouragement, which ALWAYS helps with your goals!).

If you’re prepared to achieve success with gift baskets, you and I can do it together through my phone support through the link directly under this text. The sooner you and I plan how you will succeed, the quicker you’ll become the go-to gift basket retailer in your region. Let’s get started!

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