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Product Description

Top 10 Letters makes communication easy for you, and here’s why.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a variety of letters ready to send to:

  • Introduce your business to new corporate prospects?
  • Apologize for a mix up or problem with a delivery?
  • Express appreciation for orders and referrals?

Those letters that make communication so easy are finally back and updated to grow your gift basket business!

Top 10 Letters is a collection of sales-building messages already written for you. All you need to do is include your name and add small details, where appropriate, that are exclusive to your business.

Why you need this

You’re already a dynamo with gift basket making, and that’s a gift. The problem is that you’re not a wordsmith, someone who can easily write letters that communicate your message so the right action happens. It’s understandable. Letter writing can be a chore, taking you away from the creativity you love to perform in your studio.

This is a hassle, a huge headache you don’t need.

The answer is right here.

Why struggle to figure out what to say and how to put sentences together when Top 10 Letters does the work for you?

What you get

Here’s a list of the letters in this package:

  • Corporate introduction (3 types)
  • Follow up for first letter
  • Thank you
  • Buying reasons no matter what the economy
  • Apology (2 types)
  • Client termination
  • Money collection (2 types)

A bonus

If you counted 11 letters in this package, you’re correct! We added an additional letter in this bundle, plus there’s more:

  • Notes on what to include on your website
  • Sample ideas for corporate sales
  • Survey samples
  • Incentive offer options

It’s a no-brainer

Make letter writing easy! Save the stress of trying to figure out what to say, and save money, too. Order Top 10 Letters today.


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