Where’s My Competition?



Product Description

Who sells gift baskets in your neighborhood?

Are they home based, a florist, or a retailer?

How close is their location to yours?

What type of threat do they pose to your sales?

Where is the competition?

These and other questions are top of mind when making and selling gift baskets. Sometimes a competitor is easy to spot, but it’s the ones who are incognito you have to watch, and there can be lots of them.

That’s what the Where’s My Competition? report reveals (reports available for U.S. and Canadian designers).

You see, problems start right at the beginning of your gift basket plans when you don’t know who else makes them. The competition might be directly across the street from you. That;s what I uncovered for a new designer. She was shocked to see the competitor’s address in this comprehensive report, but isn’t it better to uncover your competition so you know who’s out there and decide how to position your business to get all the sales?

Here’s what you get in Where’s My Competition?:

  • Gift basket sellers in either your city, province, county or entire state*
  • Owner’s name
  • Business name
  • Competitor’s address and phone number
  • Updated report as of the previous month

*Report length depends on your geographic area

Where’s My Competition? is a multi-paged report whether you live in a rural or metropolitan area. It documents retailers and companies that identify itself as selling retail and/or wholesale gift baskets. Any company that is not registered with U.S. or Canadian officials is not on the list because it cannot be identified without such registration.

Important: Each report is based on your address provided to us when ordering. If you want Where’s My Competition? to be based on a different location, you must inform us in the Comments section of your order. Otherwise, we will create the report according to your current location and will not provide you with a new report without an additional fee.

Where’s My Competition? reveals your where local competitors are hiding. You need to know the numbers so you know how to proceed – without surprises!

Order Where’s My Competition? today and receive your customized report by email within 24 hours (weekends not included).


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