No matter what the season, you can put your holiday gift basket sales on fast track. Here’s how.

Getting it together

If you haven’t updated your website or sent marketing materials (mailed or in person) about your holiday gift assortment to prospects and customers, the time is right now to get it done.

You cannot wait another minute to convince your target market to choose your gifts and baskets for end-of-year giving. You’ve invested lots of money at the beginning, so you don’t want to stop or stall your success.

My email box is filled with information about gift basket competitors who are opening pop-up shops and companies that are hiring staff because they expect lots of sales.

Do you care about the number of orders you receive this season? If not, don’t be upset when you check your finances at the end of December and see low income. If you do care, this article is for you.

How to put your holiday gift basket sales on fast track

Here are 11 steps, in random order, you can take right now.

  • Call last year’s customers
  • Update your website
  • Add order details in your newsletter
  • Describe your new designs on social media
  • Contact local television stations for a possible on-air appearance
  • Create QR codes for your most-popular designs
  • Send a local newspaper reporter a list of holiday gift trends
  • Meet with a company’s manager to select employee thank-you gifts
  • Email clients a list of what they ordered last year to make this year’s ordering easy
  • Donate a gift basket to a local radio station in exchange for promotion
  • Learn which organization is arranging an annual event for you to attend and connect with potential clients

Don’t stop there

Just like a baseball outfielder, you have to run towards the ball and pick it up rather than wait for the ball to roll to you. In other words, you cannot wait for people to contact you to order – you have to go to the people to get orders.

This is the type of mindset I adopt every day of the year and why my online course, Start Your Own Gift Basket Business has, for the past 10 years, graduated thousands of new entrepreneurs who pick up the ball and win sales – lots of sales.

You have to be aggressive, constantly reminding people how you make their lives easier while putting smiles on recipients’ faces when they see the beautiful gift baskets you create. Doesn’t that sound like a better plan than the plan you have now?

Your mission

Stop delaying (unless you’re in queue at an event to talk about your gift baskets).

No sitting around eating ice cream and watching television (unless you’re watching a rerun of yourself).

No wishing everything will magically work out without you doing the work to make all the marketing pieces come together.

It’s fast track season. Get in your lane. Bump competitors out of their lane (with a smile, of course).

Make people happy. Get on the fast track, and make yourself happy.