Finding items for small gift baskets is easy, right? After reading this, you’ll know what to put in that really big basket.

Time to go big

That no-holds-barred birthday party that everyone plans to attend is just one week away.

Champagne, fireworks, and the caterer everyone’s talking about will be front and center.

And now for the problem: it’s crunch time.

You had weeks to figure out all the things you want to put in that extra-big gift basket, but you haven’t put it together yet.

Oh my!

Now you have a huge choice. Will you:

Pick up an already-made gift basket with cheese, crackers, and other stuff that’s already a year old,


Brave the weather and traffic to fill that beautiful container you found with foods and gifts fit for a queen?

The choice is No. 2, of course. You know how to make this soon-to-be-beautiful design, right? Now we can begin.

What to put in that really big basket

Foods and gifts you like may not be what she likes, so you begin by finding out the birthday girl’s must-have goodies.

That includes her:

  • Color choices. Is she partial to pink, plaid, or purple?
  • Palate preferences. Does sweet and savory tickle her fancy, or is sour and spicy the way to go?
  • Drink favorites. Cocktails, hot beverages, sparkling drinks, or a combination?
  • Fresh and tasty. How about cheese, spreads, and organic goods to pair with just-made muffins?

Don’t forget the gifts. Jewelry holders, picture frames, champagne flutes, bar cart accessories, cell phone holder, and anything with bling makes this basket sparkle and shine.

Not sure where to get the stuff for this grand gift? You’ll find items at local retailers. However, if you want to buy more and save cash, wholesale suppliers have lots of great foods and gifts.

Making big baskets at the biggest store

My favorite last-minute gift baskets are ordered on the spot by customers at Macy’s. I arrive for my special event with woven baskets, handmade bows, and all the trimmings. The display is set up where customers can easily find me, and the in-store signage points them to my location.

Shoppers come to me with everything under the store’s roof. Here’s an example of what arrives:

  • Baby socks
  • Kitchen appliances
  • King-sized blankets
  • Appliances
  • Luggage
  • Men’s shirts
  • Women’s bathrobes

A crowd gathers as I meticulously create the must-have gift in a basket or with the largest item selected by the customer. Everyone smiles and breathes a collective sigh of relief when I tie the bow, signaling the design’s completion.

If you feel that offering such an event is for you, let’s discuss the grand plan to make a tidy amount of cash (does four figures work for you?). This is the plan that gets the store (any store) to say yes, we want this!

Back to the celebration

Now that you’ve selected everything for that one-of-a-kind birthday gift basket, work your magic to design it. You’ll likely present a gift that’s displayed as a centerpiece on the birthday girl’s gift table. How’s that for a wow effect?


  • Make this gift big, grand, and show stopping
  • Choose what the party girl likes
  • Select a combination of unique foods and gifts

Now that you know how the process, I’m betting you know what to put in that really big basket.

What’s the most-memorable gift basket you received, and what’s the most-beautiful you made for someone’s celebration?