How can you make sure companies will buy your designs? First, you must solve these six big problems selling corporate gift baskets.

From one to many

Do you realize that selling gift baskets to corporations is the next level of sales after selling to individuals?

It’s true.

Planning this leap is part of your marketing plan, which is detailed in another article.

Once you sell to an individual, corporate gift basket sales are right around the corner. The key is knowing where to look and what to say to get these accounts.

I recognized this big money opportunity during my first individual sale.

My customer shared information with me I never would have known if I didn’t take the time to ask corporate sales questions. The more I asked, the more she revealed about corporate gifts and the problems of finding someone who made the right gift items.

That’s when I took a leap of faith into the corporate market. In short time, I was delivering gift baskets to corporations every month.

Six big problems selling corporate gift baskets

What’s stopping you from getting these lucrative corporate orders? Some of the problems I hear from my gift basket business clients are:

  • Fear of making presentations
  • Not knowing who to contact
  • Fear of large quantity orders
  • Not knowing what to say
  • Fear of speaking to gatekeepers
  • Pricing the order too low

All of these problems are valid. In fact, if you don’t prepare properly to meet with a corporate connection, it’s assured that you will lose money and credibility.

That’s unfortunate.

Years ago, a gift basket partnership that didn’t take the right steps ended their gift basket business within months of starting because of their lackluster corporate sales introduction. What a shame.

A solution you can achieve

I never would have made money with corporations without first creating a process that still works today, a process that I share in detail with my gift basket clients.

That process helped me earn over $50,000 in my first year working with corporations, and that was back in 1994!

Here’s some of what works today:

  • Research corporate culture in your area
  • Find out who is in charge of gift ordering
  • Position yourself as an ally rather than just a gift provider

Once you know how to approach corporations, an easy method I detail with you during a one-to-one discussion, you can use that same model to sell gift baskets to many more firms.

What’s your first step to sell gift baskets to corporations in your area?