How can you expand your marketing by showing your beautiful designs to millions of television viewers? Here’s the scoop on getting gift baskets on TV.

From media dream to reality

Showing gift baskets on television looks glamorous, doesn’t it?

It certainly sounds like fun and a huge money maker, and that’s true if you research and plan your process ahead of time. That goal is part of your marketing plan, the subject of this definitive article.

However, if you don’t know how to research and what to accomplish after the broadcast is done, you’ll waste lots of time and make no money for your efforts.

I learned this long ago from mentors who knew much more than I did about the entire concept of broadcast presentations.

First time’s a charm

My first time on television was on Food Network. At the time, the channel’s reach was 22 million viewers. Certainly a portion of them would want a gift basket, right?

I stood on a box to give me height so I’d appear as tall as the show’s host.  I’m 5’3″ while the host stood at 6’3″. The preparation took hours (designing, driving, studio setup, etc.) while the live, on-air segment took just three minutes.

That time difference is why it’s critical to know what to do before, during, and after your appearance. Your mission from this marketing opportunity is to get sales. In addition, there’s a lot more you can get that’s even more valuable.

Those secret steps are what I teach my VIP gift basket clients. When everything comes together, they earn a lot more than our projections because of the preparations we do together.

Make the most of your time on air

One of my favorite on-air gift basket segments occurred on Deals, a show that’s part of LiveWell Network.

I flew to their location for the set up and recording. That’s me above in a photograph I captured during the first airing of the segment.

During my time with the broadcast crew, I made sure to ask questions and watch the whole episode come together piece by piece.


Because there was a lot to learn that I could include in my own video presentations.

One thing not to do

Something you don’t ever want to happen is seeing someone else on television and wishing you were the guest.

The fact is that it can be you, but it takes planning to get yourself in position to be the person who shows gift baskets to millions of viewers.

Your whole business can catapult to new and higher profits because of that one broadcast.

Can you imagine?

That’s exactly what happened to my business, and the gift basket designers I mentor in the VIP program have done remarkable things because of their television presentations to build their businesses from one-person offices to full staffs, from revenues of $30,000 a year to more than $800,000 annually, all due to media training with me.

Now that you know the scoop on getting gift baskets on TV, what’s the one thing that’s keeping you from showing gift baskets on air?

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