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Updated 7/1/22

This site is for your creative and business-building empowerment. Here is where you’ll find ideas, tips, and resources to make and sell gift baskets whether you’re in a home studio, retail store, drop shipper, or manufacturer.

I’m Shirley George Frazier, industry veteran and best-selling author. My journey began in 1990 after my husband, John, needed a gift for a co-worker and had difficulty finding something that fit the occasion. That’s when gift baskets came into my life. Now I’m honored that you’re here to learn how gift baskets will fit into your life and ongoing business.

10 Reasons to Start

Why start a gift basket business? Check out these 10 tips to begin with success in mind, and the podcast episode, Five Gift Basket Themes that Sell Every Day, is also on the page.


Hear the Gift Basket Business podcast. It’s recently archived and still filled with lots of updated advice that lessens the mistakes you might make without hearing which I share.

This site provides insights on gift baskets whether you make and/or sell them part time or full time. Discover topical information through the search box menu below or links in the main menu.

Books you want

Best-selling industry books written by me, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business and The Gift Basket Design Book, will keep you on track.

Courses and expert help

There’s also online courses and private mentoring, both available to you for personalized guidance. Looking for more such as drop shipping sources or wholesale supply lists? You’ll find that and more in the shop.

Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course, with Shirley George Frazier

Your 5-Step Roadmap

Download this success map and place it on your wall, door, refrigerator, or wherever you’ll see it as a reminder of how to achieve success in this creative industry!


Do you have general questions about gift baskets? The frequently-asked questions page will take care of that.


Finally, there are five definitive articles you must read:

How to Start a Gift Basket Business

How to Make a Gift Basket

Gift Basket Products, So Easy to Find

Money to Start a Gift Basket Business

How to Market Your Gift Baskets

I’m glad you’re here, and I look forward to welcoming you to the world of gift baskets!



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