About this Site

Shirley George Frazier training retailers at the California Gift Show. All rights reserved.

GiftBasketBusiness.com is the place for manufacturers and retailers who seek assistance to:

  • Create a gift basket area within a store
  • Make gift baskets featuring an existing product line
  • Determine if gift baskets are a sustainable revenue stream
  • Expand or restructure gift baskets currently offered in store or online

We offer the above services and more:

  • Statistical reports based on U.S. and Canadian-based gift basket sellers
  • Prototype creation to structure a complementary gift basket brand
  • Locate and recommend supplies and equipment according to your specifications
  • Organize and create gift basket-making departments, stations, and centers
  • Train staff to assemble gift baskets in a commercial space or retail store
  • Uncover local businesses with potential to buy gift baskets year round

Gift baskets are a revenue stream that companies like yours establish throughout in the year and especially during holiday months. It’s not an easy task because of the many components required to successfully make and sell these collections. However, the potential is lucrative and the time is now to create your own specialty line or restructure a current collection.

One call to us starts the process, saving you time and money you’d waste giving this complex project to an employee who is better suited at their current job.

Start with this link so together we discuss your vision, goals, and course of action. Take the easy road by allowing us to do the heavy lifting for you.

Team Leader

I’m Shirley George Frazier – CEO, chief basketologist, author, speaker, and the world’s reigning industry expert. That’s me in the photo at the top on stage (right) demonstrating to retailers, attending the California Gift Show, how to design gift baskets that their customers will buy every day.

My gift basket expertise covers 28+ years of:

  • Speaking at gift industry trade shows
  • Designing gift baskets onsite at major retail stores
  • Appearing on Food Network, CNBC, Discovery Channel, and other media
  • Creating gift baskets for heads of state, politicians, and entertainers
  • Making prototypes for well-known wine merchants and independent retailers
  • Writing articles for and providing quotes to popular gift industry publications

Most of all, my ability to assist retailers and manufacturers with gift basket planning, creation, and sales is my calling. Helping businesses realize how easy it is to manage and sell this customer favorite is an expertise I’m proud to call mine, and I hope you call me at 973-279-2799 to ease the process in your facility.

You’ll find more about my background and clients in the press room.

News For Solo Designers

How to Find the Perfect Gift Basket Customer, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.The majority of articles currently on this site are written for independent gift basket designers, and if that’s you, there is much here for you to solve every day problems. However, these articles are quickly being updated to reflect the needs of large manufacturers and retailers whether in brick-and-mortar stores or a commercial space.

If you are an independent gift basket designer, you are encouraged to use the search box found on every page to type keywords that will reveal solutions. The articles are beneficial because we are unable to respond to emails and telephone calls asking questions about starting or growing a gift basket business.

The biggest entrepreneurial misconception about this site, products, and services is that independent designers can submit a question by phone or email that is unrelated to a problem with the site, products, and services. Questions we receive regarding problems with or questions about a gift basket business are based on a need to make money. Like you, we are also a profit-based business, and as so we charge for all assistance. Here is the link to schedule time with Shirley to answer your questions.

If you are enrolled in any of our gift basket courses, please submit your questions in the discussion forums which are available to you 24/7.

Graduating students of the Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course can continue to mentor with Shirley through this link. Please gather your questions and schedule your appointment so Shirley can answer all of your post-course questions.

To your success,

Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.