What’s your yearly plan for gift basket success? If it’s to start strong, finish triumphantly, then you’re on the right track. Here’s how to succeed.

Success takes focus

Congratulations if your business resolution resulted in you stating this phrase:

“This year, I will make more money with gift baskets than I did last year.”

It’s a goal you can achieve, and that’s true every year. The problem that stops you from making that goal a reality is not taking steps, each and every day, to make new connections that increase revenue.

By March (or earlier), you’re back into the same stagnant pattern you experienced the past year.

  • Lackluster sales
  • No consistent marketing
  • Few, if any, corporate orders

Commit now or go home

If you’re not planning and acting on your plans, you may as well close up shop and sell the remaining inventory for pennies.

I’m not joking.

Achieving success in the gift basket world takes more than statements. You must take steps every day to connect with the target market and convince them that your gift baskets:

  • Grow their businesses
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Keep their workforce productive

This is why writing and following an action-based marketing plan is mandatory. A plan of action keeps you on track each month so that sales and referrals keep coming.

Three ways to start strong, finish triumphantly

Getting into Gift Baskets, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

The two courses, Start Your Own Gift Basket Business and Gift Baskets for Fun or Profit, guide you to accomplish what you so passionately proclaimed on January 1.

More courses are planned this year. However, these two courses will get you started, especially since there’s a discussion forum available to connect with me directly for individual guidance.

More support, such as books, DVDs, and website reviews are available as well in the GiftBasketBusiness.com store.

It’s good to proclaim your goals. The question is: how will you make sure you achieve it all?