How do you ensure that the gift basket sales plan will achieve results? It’s easy when you have the following success blueprint for holiday gift basket sales.

Imagine this…

You’re the sales and marketing manager or director for a worldwide brand. Your boss informs you that the firm will undertake a new initiative offering gift baskets that include products in your line. Sales will occur either online or in a retail setting.

Guess what? You’re in charge.

It’s your job to set up the entire procedure, and the outcome must reach or exceed Q4 sales goals.

Where do you start?

It looks easy

Many companies are preparing now for gift basket Q4 sales. However, too many directors think that this is an easy project. Here’s their vision:

  • Buy baskets
  • Buy foods/gifts
  • Wrap it up
  • Sell

I’ve seen a lot of struggle when this incomplete system is in place. It causes chaos and frustration, and in the end, sales goals are abysmal and so is customer satisfaction.

There’s a better way to handle it all.

Step one in the success blueprint for holiday gift basket sales

The first step is to plan early in the year, starting with a solid marketing plan. Adding a gift basket section, department, or online revenue stream takes heavy lifting. There’s a lot to consider, including:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Inventory research
  • Marketing plan
  • Assembly and storage

One firm that hired me to create their system was astounded by the process because they thought it was all so easy, but think. If getting gift baskets to market was simple, there wouldn’t be room to enter the marketplace. Like corner grocers in some neighborhoods, the product would be available everywhere.

The bottom line

If you’re going to sell gift baskets, the overall design must include products your customers enjoy before applying the final stage using an easy-to-duplicate method that takes no more than five minutes.

Prototypes simplify the project, but you cannot expect prototypes to be created in the fall and then duplicated in the winter months. That short time period causes inventory shortages which equals loss of time and revenue.

My clients know this all too well, and that’s why they hire me to start the process early in the year. There’s no way around timing your plan correctly if you expect gift baskets to add substantial revenue to your business.

You and I can go over the details together by phone so you know all of the facts, make the company money, and position yourself as an exemplary director.

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