Updated: 8/9/22

Which programs, with access on every device, are part of your success strategy? Check out these three apps for gift basket makers.

Great management systems

With so many wonderful resources available on desktops, laptops, and smartphones, it’s not so easy to find applications that help you keep your love for gift basket making and selling at warp speed.

Still, I’ve found these free apps to be worthy to check out now. I plan to share more with you in the future.

Google Keep

This program is called a note keeping system, but I find it to be so much more. It’s similar to a pack of Post Its with each sticky note created for whatever topic you wish to catalog.

My Keep system is set up according to whatever I wish to capture so I don’t hold everything in my head (that never works). Such notes for business and personal needs include:

  • Gift baskets I plan to create
  • Clients I will pursue
  • Products I need for inventory
  • Books I wish to read
  • Wholesale websites to review
  • Weekday and weekend tasks
  • Where I’ll go on vacation

You create each note with a title at the top and then type the documentation. My favorite is making a list that includes checkboxes so I delete each part of the list as it’s completed.

The other part that reminds you of Post Its is that each note can have color in the background, a picture behind it, or it can stay white in the background. Also, you can add a photo at the top of a note as a visual reminder.

You can add Google Keep to your desktop or laptop with a duplicate on your cellphone. When you update or delete a note on one device, the other device updates as well.

This is a very handy system that organizes your business and personal needs and ideas.


I have a good feeling that documenting usernames and passwords is important, so consider Bitwarden as your ally if you’re searching for password protection.

There are many password security systems available. If you like the one you’ve chosen, that’s great. What I like about Bitwarden is the availability to access it on all my devices.

What’s most important is retaining the username and password to your Bitwarden account, because if you don’t, Bitwarden has no way of providing you with an alternative entry. You’d have to start over again with another Bitwarden account, losing all information input over time.

Bitwarden organizes your usernames and passwords, and it also has blocks to include the program’s website address and notes regarding the account. I fill the note space with details on when the username and/or password was last changed and other documentation vital to my access.

You can create folders, such as finance and webhosts, to separate your entries by category.

Choose the free option or upgrade for a low cost.


What’s your first thought if all of the information you’ve written, videoed, or spoken disappeared without the possibility of being retrieved? I experienced that heartbreak. It took $995 to get my files back, a sum that convinced me to secure my files better than I had in the past.

The beauty of Dropbox is that once you have an account, the process of moving or copying your intellectual property is simple. I use my mouse to either copy and paste a folder, or I move the file directly into the Dropbox folder on my computer.

Dropbox is not the only backup system available, so if you backup your files using another program, pat yourself on the back. The point is to make sure you have a program that houses all of your property, including photos of your gorgeous designs.

Smooth and easy

Adding these apps, which can be accessed on your computer, tablet, and phone, to your overall marketing plan, will add a layer to your business security.

Now that you know about these three apps for gift basket makers, what app listed here or elsewhere have you found to be indispensable for your gift basket business?

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