Which programs, with access on every device, are part of your success strategy? Check out these three apps for gift basket makers.

Great management systems

With so many wonderful resources available on smartphones, it’s not so easy to find applications that help you keep your love for gift baskets at warp speed.

Still, I’ve found these free apps to be worthy to check out now. I plan to share more with you in the future.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote makes it so simple to create tabs to document ideas on whatever you need to create and remember.

My OneNote tabs include:

Designs – what I’m creating for everyday giving and holidays

Marketing – where I need to explore for promotions

Site updates – which of my pages needs refreshing

Social media – what accounts are better at bringing sales

Potential orders – who is requesting more information

I make gift baskets for profit, so my tabs may be different than yours if you make gift baskets for fun.

Customization for each tab, as well as renaming and deleting a tab, is easy to do. OneNote helps me keep my thoughts in one place instead of on numerous pieces of paper (you know how messy that gets!).


I no longer want to spend time going from one social media account to the next figuring out how each account is growing or shrinking. Dasheroo streamlines my time by bringing all of my social media numbers together on one dashboard.

When logging in, I immediately see a statistical view of who’s following me on:

I look at my numbers every Friday to see which account is the most popular as well as which accounts need help to encourage people to see my designs.


I know that if I don’t watch my money, I won’t have any. Period.

PowerWallet lets me see the ups and downs of my accounts:

  • Savings
  • Checking
  • Credit cards
  • Credit unions
  • Lines of credit (household or business)

You can customize the account details so you know how much was spent on products, supplies, and whatever else you spend money buying for gift baskets or personal needs.

Smooth and easy

Adding these apps, which can be accessed on your computer, tablet, and phone, to your overall marketing plan, will make your business much smoother.

Now that you know about these three apps for gift basket makers, what app have you found to be indispensable for gift baskets?