You want to get everything done when you first think about making gift baskets. Here are three things not to do right away.

Head rush

So many choices and decisions about starting a gift basket business come to mind the moment you decide this is the business for you. Some questions are a chicken-or-egg-first dilemma.

  • Do I register my business now or wait for sales?
  • Is buying from discounters or wholesalers better?
  • When do I move from a home studio to a retail store?

The internet also plays a huge part in decision making. You need a website and social media presence and advertising. How do you decide the best course to manage it all?

Past and present choices

I began my business knowing that it was going to be a full-time operation rather than a hobby. There’s nothing wrong with starting as a hobby and keeping it that way or committing to business ownership. You make a choice depending on your lifestyle and goals. Other choices, such as the three mentioned above, are answered after a decent amount of research to ensure you make the best possible decisions.

If I started my gift basket business today, I might not make some of the same choices I made in the 1990s. Perhaps these three things not to do right away are options you’ll consider postponing.

  1. Research the business three to six months before starting.
    Do some digging into who buys, where to buy, and other aspects before spending money on your first empty basket.
  2. Register your business after completing your initial research.
    You’ll know if making and selling gift baskets is truly for you after reviewing your potential and business goals.
  3. Wait to participate on social media.
    It’s not worthwhile to set up social media accounts when you don’t yet have a website or another method to market designs.

You don’t have to follow this advice. However, before establishing your business, you may find these three things not to do right away to be good reasons to maximize your time in other ways.

Think first

As with any business, the beginning is the time when you want to do all of the work and start selling as fast as possible. It’s okay to slow down for the benefit of potential customers and your longevity in a business that’s creative and lucrative.