Stuck in your gift basket business and don’t know where to turn? That must change. Here are three ways to prepare now for future gift basket sales.

Seeing and acting on opportunities

Are you still the owner of a gift basket business? If so, good, and here’s the scoop.

This is no time for your business to be in limbo, wondering and waiting for sales to magically appear. Nothing happens unless you create an atmosphere within your business that lets customers and prospects know you are in operation. That atmosphere is revealed in as many places as possible, including:

  • Postcard mailings
  • Social media postings
  • Internet advertisements
  • Blog articles
  • Email marketing
  • Website updates
  • Podcast guest interviews

Pick what’s easy from this short list to address first; then decide how you will continue to market every day. This goal is no different than it was the first day you began making and selling gift baskets. You must create momentum similar to a train pulling away from a track and starting its journey out of a station. That and other action-based lessons are the focus of the main how to market your gift baskets article.

This is how you encourage sales now and create methods to get sales months from now. There’s never a time to be passive if running to the phone or computer to read inquiries and review orders gets you out of bed each morning.

Sometimes you’re so busy working on today’s agenda that you don’t make time to plan for tomorrow’s needs. I’ve been there and have learned that when you don’t plant seeds, you won’t get sales. That’s not good, so let’s make changes that by taking action with one or all three of the following options.

Three ways to prepare now for future gift basket sales

Create a near-perfect process for delivering and shipping

It’s important to become adept in your delivery procedures. Why? Because birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal occasions occur every day, and people celebrate milestones no matter what else is going on in the world.

What service will deliver local gifts? What supplies are required for shipping, and which service provider have you chosen? Streamline this part of your business so the procedure is done right every time.

Increase your corporate marketing

Just because corporate offices are changing the way they work doesn’t mean they no longer need gifts. Now, in fact, is time to develop a process to contact supervisors and other people in charge of gift giving. Searching for local individuals on LinkedIn is one way, and there are other methods depending on your location and target market.

Corporations associated with the healthcare industry need appreciation gifts, and just because support staff works at home doesn’t mean that a job overlooks Administrative Professionals Week. Employees still require inspiration. Let corporations in your area know what you have to offer and how easy it is to send.

Make time for inventory review and education

What in your business have you set aside until you can address it? Unless there are other necessities in your personal life, now is right to:

  • Organize
  • Reconcile
  • Learn
  • Re-structure
  • Plan
  • Repurpose

When I read the above list, my mind immediately gets jumbled. Does that happen to you thinking about all of the goals you wish to accomplish? It’s wonderful that you can end the chaos by making a list of what you wish do achieve. From there you choose the easiest one first, second easiest next, and so on.

You will be very proud of yourself when you review what’s done in four weeks. From there, you assess how to manage the goal so it’s a steady habit before moving on to another agenda item.

Address each side of your business

There is a lot in your gift basket life that is fun and instantly rewarding. Then there are other areas that are tedious. Both sides create a business that loves you when sales arrive because you provide balance where it’s needed. These three ways to prepare now for future gift basket sales are part of that balance. You’ll find more easy-to-do steps in this gift basket marketing e-book.

What else is on your agenda? Share it here, and together let’s boost your inspiration.