Top 10 Reasons to Start a Gift Basket Business

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Updated: 11/3/21

You’ve been thinking about making and selling gift baskets but need to know more before you jump in. This article will help you understand your potential! Here are top 10 reasons to start a gift basket business today.

1. Decide if you want to make gift baskets as a full-fledged business or part-time hobby.

You can start making gift baskets by registering it as a business with state or country officials. This gives you access to buy products from wholesalers at low costs.


If you want to make gift baskets as a part-time hobby, it will give you freedom to create them whenever you want without dealing with business laws. However, you cannot deduct any of your expenses on tax forms.

2. Learn how to design gift baskets like the pros through in-person classes, online courses, or self training.

Success will come sooner than later if you invest in learning aids that accommodate your lifestyle. If you’re a busy mom, books and other aids available here may be better than an in-person class you may not be able to find or attend because of your home and work schedules.

3. Create a dedicated workspace in your home or retail space (if you decide to open a store) that continuously inspires your creativity.

It’s difficult to stay excited about gift baskets if you make them on your home kitchen table because that space is dedicated to family meals. There are alternative spaces where you can set up a table and use that surface solely for gift basket designing and experimenting. This is a topic we discuss in the online class, Starting Your Own Gift Basket Business. Having your own space will keep you smiling every time you approach the area!

4. Look for gift basket items in specialty stores first to see all the possibilities available now for consumers.

Local supermarkets and retail shops you go to now for personal goods will soon become places where you search for and buy gift basket products, and there’s so much to find! Teas, coffees, pasta, sauces, dips, breads, cheeses, and much more is waiting for you on store shelves. I guarantee you that the next time you shop, you’ll see delicious foods and pretty gifts in a whole new light!

5. Buy gift basket products that customers and recipients prefer, not what you like.

If you only buy the things you like, no one will buy your gift baskets! You must stay objective and open when looking for items people will eat and enjoy, admire for years, and treasure as a memorable keepsake. As an example, if you are a diabetic or cannot eat chocolate, this will not be true for all of the people who want your gift baskets. You must consider adding sugar-based products because most gift basket receivers love and can consume it.

6. Find a mentor who understands the ups and downs of gift basket life.

Only people (especially industry experts and long-time veterans) who’ve been where you are right now understand the challenges of making and selling gift baskets. That’s who you want to be with when it’s time to boost your inspiration.

Look for someone in your area first, but don’t be surprised if that person thinks you are trying to be their competition and won’t help you. If that happens, here is where you’ll find mentor support who has all of the answers.

7. Let books and online videos be your guide.

Books such as How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business gives you the lowdown on making gift baskets your profession and is available in bookstores, through electronic versions, and shipped through this site (you’ll also receive a handy checklist and more from us).

The Gift Basket Design Book shows you how to make gift baskets step by step, and the print version includes color photographs so you can follow along.

If videos are your preference, the Gift Basket Business channel on YouTube gives you access to 50+ videos showing how to close a gift basket with cellophane, make bows, and create gift baskets for the people on your gift-giving list.

8. Once one person sees your gift baskets, many more will want you to make one for them.

There’s something wonderfully contagious about this beautiful bundle wrapped in cellophane and tied on top with a bow. People love giving gifts, and like you, they want something unique, something that no one else makes. That describes the type of gift baskets you make.

No one else can duplicate your creativity, and you’ll be reminded of that as you experiment with your styling and people light up when they see what you create. You’ll soon recognize why what you make stands out, and everyone will want your gift basket creations.

9. Be grateful for mistakes.

You will burn holes in shrink wrap, buy the wrong products, and deliver to people who aren’t home (do you leave the gift basket on the front porch for everyone to see or what?). Errors will occur just like errors happen with every hobby or business.

As long as you’re still standing at the end of the day and haven’t visited the emergency room (don’t worry, errors aren’t that serious!), you can wake up the next day and start again. Mistakes are okay because you’ll remember and not do it again.

10. Don’t expect quick riches.

Gift baskets require you to buy baskets, foods, gifts, shred, ribbon, and other items for design purposes. Making gift baskets takes time, and that’s considered your labor. This points out the fact that there is no “get rich quick” formula here.

However, there are many businesses that make millions of dollars making gift baskets. They’ve developed a formula for buying the right items at the right time for the right people. The same opportunity is open to you if you’re patient and desire to make gift baskets your passion.

It’s okay if only two or three of these top 10 reasons to start a gift basket business are in line with what you want to achieve. Use these tips as a guide, and let this website be your mentor to succeed on your own terms.

What’s Next?

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer in a commercial or brick-and-mortar space, there’s good news. You can have a system created by us that puts the keys of gift basket success into your hands. Schedule an appointment to speak with Shirley George Frazier about your goals and proposed timetable. She will outline your opportunities and explain how to streamline the learning curve so you’re up and running quickly.

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