Make a Bow with Two Ribbons

It’s just as easy to make a bow with two types of ribbon as it is to make a one-ribbon bow.

Don’t think so?

Watch this video which, like the one showing how to make a one-ribbon bow, is explained step by step so you can master the technique and add the results atop your gorgeous gift baskets.

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Make a beautiful bow

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Make a Bow with Two Ribbons – Gift Basket Business


  1. Hi Shirley,

    I am Gloria, thank you so much for assisting me in making beautiful bows, like you said, I will not be going out to buy a pre-made ribbons any longer, I am enjoying how simple it is to make such beautiful ribbons.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      You’re welcome for the tutorial. I’m very glad that it’s helpful and saves you money!

      To your success,


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