Ready for bigger sales? If so, it’s time to pursue corporate clients. But what makes corporations buy gift baskets? Find out here.

Start with a question

One of my Help Line clients recently asked me:

I’m trying to get corporations to buy my gift baskets, but it’s not working out. What’s the best way for me to get these accounts?”

I shared with her that corporations, like individuals, buy from people they know, like, and trust. It’s general knowledge as you develop your marketing plan.

Here’s an example. If you send a letter, postcard, or other marketing material by postal mail to a corporation without the name of a specific person to receive it (example — Attention: Marketing Department), it’s guaranteed that your mail will be deposited into the garbage even if your message is received by that particular person.

Continue with the answer

My suggestion is to find a person you know within the corporation so your message is delivered through a connection. That person may be your neighbor, a family member, a person who attends the same house of worship, or another type of link. That connection creates a 360-degree change in your ability to convince a corporation to buy from you. It’s important for you to know someone at the corporate facility who will turn this cold call into a warm lead.

It’s also important to recognize which departments within an organization, and which people within those departments, have the power to say yes as well as approve and pay for the order. Without it, you’ll find yourself at an in-person presentation talking to employees who will eat all of your samples, smile, and watch you walk out the door without a sale.

Recognize who buys

There are many corporate departments that require gifts and gift baskets for staff, potential clients, and current customers. Your mission is to learn which departments are most favored to buy and concentrate on meeting the people in charge. In addition, be sure to not overlook executive assistants, as they often hold the power to schedule appointments.

This is a good beginning to get corporations to buy gift baskets, but there is much more. What if:

  • the company cancels the order?
  • you don’t get paid on time?
  • your connection leaves the firm?
  • the company refuses to pay?

All of this and more can occur which is why one call through the Help Line prepares you for the conversation, presentation, sale, and follow up. If you want to break through corporate barriers to get sales and expand your business, a Help Line conversation sets you up for success.

What’s your biggest dilemma when approaching a potential corporate client?