Don’t know where to start to celebrate a person’s yearly milestone? Here’s what to put in a birthday gift basket.

A special delivery day

Most people enjoy acknowledgement from family and friends when their birth date arrives. Others are modest, and some don’t want reminders for a variety of reasons.

The bottom line for many is that a birthday is special. Bakers stay prepared, with icing and fondant in piping tools, to inscribe names and greetings onto cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, which is wonderful. However, when those caloric goodies are gone, all that’s left is another 365-day wait for the next celebration.

That’s fine for some, but when you create a celebratory gift basket filled with goodies to eat and gift items to keep, the memory of each special event lasts a lifetime. Isn’t that what you wish to create? You can, and here’s how.

It’s all about alpha

Let’s focus on ways to put smiles on adult faces. Birthdays are also for children and pets, but that’s a subject for future articles. Bottom line is that when a man or woman is happy, they spend time and effort making others within the household happy, too, so let’s concentrate on them.

Reaching a new age is an exciting milestone. A person looks back and ahead at the same time reviewing what’s occurred in the past year and what will hopefully be accomplished in the new birth year. The gift basket you make will likely be a blend of goodies the birthday man or woman can enjoy mixed with items to encourage:

  • Starting or completing a bucket list
  • Creating a habit they’ve longed to begin
  • Eating better for optimum health
  • Traveling to a local or faraway place
  • Relaxing after handling a hectic schedule

Preferences come first

When planning what to put in a birthday gift basket, start by understanding the person. As explained in How to Make a Gift Basket, items you include are things the birthday person loves, not what you prefer. Consider the:

  • Container – a basket, bucket, or something else?
  • Foods – allergies, culture, etc., are your guide
  • Gifts – one memento for home or car is appropriate
  • Color – what’s their favorite combination?

The focus for celebrating a new birth year is choosing items the person may not buy for herself due to time constraints or other reasons. We don’t always buy what we deserve, right? This is the perfect reason for creating a outstanding gift that will always be remembered.

Birthday containers

  • Ice bucket
  • Top hat
  • Mini bathtub
  • Silver serving tray
  • Treasure chest
  • Wide mouth vase

What to put in a birthday gift basket

Contents are very subjective and selective according to gender and lifestyle. Be sure to know as much about the person as possible before choosing what to give.

The Gift Basket Design Book features step-by-step photographs on how to create a fabulous gift basket for birthdays and other events. What will you choose to place in your gift?

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