Dogs and cats are popular pets for gift basket making, but there are other critters we love, too. Need ideas? Here’s what to put in a pet gift basket.

Pet project

My mom knows how to find me in any retail store where she, my Yorkie twins, and I visit. All mom has to do is listen for “aww” or an actual scream from a customer. Seeing Mae and Pepi brings joy to everyone in such a way that their happiness is audible throughout the store.

This is one reason why finding out if the recipient of your gift basket has a pet. If you add just one item in a basket for housewarming, wedding, or sympathy, that recipient will be overjoyed and possibly become your customer for life.

Knowing how to create your gift basket is important before you choose items, so start the process with the main how to article.

Where to buy

You may not have toys and treats in your inventory for every type of pet. However, making an effort to acknowledge an adopted loved one elevates your business to the top of the receiver’s list of where to go for gifts.

My stock doesn’t include pet items for the many types of pets owned by customers and recipients, so what’s my solution? I go to a local pet wholesaler and purchase an appropriate item. It’s that easy. That’s better than keeping all types of products on hand that may not sell, decreasing my funds to buy items that sell briskly.

What to choose

There are so many types of animals considered worldwide as pets, which means that the following list is short and subjective to the types of pets most U.S. owners adopt. However, this list provides some ideas about what to consider purchasing when learning about pet ownership.

Be sure to document who owns what for future customer service.

Pet containers

  • Feeding dish
  • Bed
  • Animal-specific pen/cage
  • Transport carrier
  • Pail

What to put in a pet gift basket

  • Bird: seed, ladder, cuttlebone
  • Fish: food, tank pirate ship, decorative stones
  • Boomerang
  • Food scoop
  • Laser cat toy
  • Mouse-type toy
  • Rope pull toy
  • Healthy snacks
  • Blanket
  • Leash
  • Harness
  • Collar
  • Rubber bone
  • Beef bone
  • Canine pastries
  • Find-the-treat toy
  • Training book
  • Training DVD
  • Blanket
  • Health appointment book
  • Bandana (male)
  • Hair bows and barrettes (female)

You’ll find more great design ideas in The Gift Basket Design Book, by Shirley George Frazier.

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